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  1. Hey Olham, you have already figured it out. You have seen the aerial photo.
  2. To all of you guys I suggest reading the seminal article written by Philip Markham " The Early Morning Of 2 June 1917 / Summary of an Unsuccessful Research Project", which appeared on Over The Front Journal, Vol 3, Issue No 5, 1995, p 240. What a stir it created at that time. .......... BTW I agree completely with its findings. Cheers,
  3. Over the Front Journal, Vol 12, No 2. 1997 George
  4. Great photos Jim. So, you visited Lagnicourt as well! I have been studying this location for a while, for a future trip. Two things: 1) The original church was destroyed. 2) The aerodrome occupied by jasta 2 in 1916 was on another side of the town! Basically the same angle as your photo but from the left side of the church. Mike O' Connor book on aerodromes got it al wrong. George
  5. Hey Guys, The airfield was to the right of the forest as seen on Jim´s old aerial photograph. Apparently, there were/are two different types of crops which produce two different shades of green; one light and one dark. You can see the two shades of green on this Jasta 12 photo that are divided by the dotted arrows, forming an apex (red dot). Lighter shade above the dotted lines, and darker below them You can clearly see the two shades on this Jasta 11 phot. Dark above, light below, and the"apex" clearly visible. Amazingly, this survives until today. You can distinguish the two areas and the apex too! The yellow line indicates the direction of the Jasta 11 photo. P is where the photographer was located, and H where the hangars were in tha Jasta 11 photo. George

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