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  1. 1 click no-zoom gunsight views

    Works great. Simple and elegant solution to a longstanding issue that I had. A must have for OCD pilots like myself.
  2. Excellent! Thank you for the confirmation.
  3. Looks like to the use of a "AlternateType" line in the .ini files may be the ticket..
  4. I have had SF2 Vistnam since it first came out and, if memory serves, have always used eburger's great Vietnam add-on. Just reinstalled SF2 V to its latest version and did the same for eburger's mod. May be I was asleep but I see the mod now needs SF2 and SF2 E to work because of the 4 needed aircraft from the latter named games.. I only have SF2 V and never desired to fly anything else and am somewhat reluctant to spend $60.00. Can I manually edit the campaign files and change these 4 aircraft to something already included? Or does someone have an easier trick?
  5. Well maybe I had better save my 2009 version just in case I have some compatibility issues with eburger's mod. Guess I can manually patch the old version if needed - I hope not as it sounds awfully complicated. Thanks gentlemen.
  6. Download all done. Of interest the d/l is about 100 MB smaller than it was in 2009. Wonder what's up with that?
  7. Many thanks sir! Your idea of a re-download was an excellent one! And it's dated July 2013. Much easier than trying to figure out a patch sequence. Luckily I still had that old e-mail account and I requested a new access code and 10 seconds latter I was downloading away....
  8. Oh boy....patching should not be this complicated. However your idea of a re-Download is a good one. Hopefully I can find that e-mail. Thanks.
  9. Hmmm...ok thanks. Is the latest SF2 patch all inclusive? Is that the only one I need?
  10. Yes...the whole "which patch for which type of install" adds greatly to the confusion and the patch "read me's" ain't a help!
  11. Forgive me if this has been asked before (I am sure it must have) but a forum search did not help me. Getting back into SF2V after a year off. I have SF2V (and only SF2V - no expansions purchased) that I purchased in 2009. At the Third Wire site the last patch specifically for SF2V is May 2011 which I have. I am going to do a fresh install of it and eburger's wonderful Vietnam add-on from CombatAce here. Is May 2011 the last patch I need for my straight SF2V install? Thanks in advance. I have been to several forums and can't find a point blank answer.
  12. Where was Jasta 11 on April 21, 1918?

    That's awesome. Please let us know how it goes.
  13. New Tracer Colors

    Andy any way you could make this just a .zip file instead of an .exe?
  14. WOFF Installation

    For me: P4 3.6 Dual core 4 GB RAM WIN XP 32 bit GTX 460 v2 card with 1 GB Way below spec but WOFF runs great.

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