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  1. ok I figured it out by changing the time advanced to manual/auto in workshop. thanks
  2. Shred: I wouyld like to keep the same pilot I have been flying with, and as afar as I can see, there is no way to "time advance" through a campaign already in existence with this same pilot. Am I wrong?
  3. Thanks Uncleal! yep, just my luck!
  4. My RNAS-1 squadron was moved to England from Northern France and I have yet to see 1 enemy aircraft on any patrol. Although apparently someone is as I constantly see that my squadron mates have lodged claims after patrols (although not the 1 I'm ever in). Is this the norm for a campaign? Do i have to wait out 2 months of tedious non event patrols before our squad moves back to Europe again? (I know they do eventually). thanks for any replies!
  5. Interesting as it does NOT work for me. And I do hold down all the keys but nothing changes.
  6. Must have missed that, thank you. Obviously not in BH&H.
  7. I searched through this forum and saw a post that said that one could accelerate time in the OFF game via a cntl-shift-e keystroke and reduce time acceleration via cntl-shift-r and this has nothing to do with warp. But this command does nothing when I am in OFF. What am I missing?
  8. Hi, I've searched this topic and understand that OFF needs to bind affinity to one cpu to run best. I notice low frame rates at time although I have settings at the recommended if not less levels to promote speed. However, I do have the AMD dual core optimizer installed too. Is that sufficient, or do I need to actually bind the game? If so how do I do that as when I run OFF and then start up the Task manager, OFF does not show up as a running program! TrackIR does (which is appropriate) but OFF is not there (nor CFS3 either). I also have experienced the warp issue which is particularly irritating to lose a pilot that was doing well. I do not use the auto-trim function and it seems sporadic but still is maddening to lose a successful pilot because of it!
  9. I turn off auto trim and still I get a huge over acceleration and climbing issue sporadically when I exit warp causing me to crash. Just an FYI. But what are the key commands for time acceleartion in OFF please?
  10. I notice when that at times I will be offred a mission to fly that has a round trip mileage that exceeds my fuel capacity even at 100%. I know that i can use the "start in air" to overcome this issue, but just wondering if devs are aware of it.
  11. OFF the Meat Grinder

    I too have died quite a bit in this sim but because of its incredible realism factor (as far as I know that is!) do not get too bothered by it. However I would like to offer the developers 1 suggestion: I would like to have a feature that would enable me to enlist a new active pilot in the SAME squadron to take affect at THE TIME that my previous active pilot died but without having to go through the variety of screens that I currently have to to do so. Maybe something like a shortcut that appear with the only 2 choices that come up when I do die which is "Main Menu" and "Review Mission". Just a thought.
  12. No german plans?

    Thank you for your replies!
  13. Hi. I'm relatively new to OFF. I am flying as British Fighter Pilot in in RFC 1 in May 1915 and have flown over 29 missions without seeing 1 german plane! I have turned on radar and labels, still nothing. Is this normal for this particular period of time? And i have had many missions well past on at the front too. I alos notice that I will return to base with my wingmen and then in the briefing afterwards informed that they died or were missing. Any help would be appreciated.

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