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  1. OBD You guys Rock!!! , You provide the best support ever, Thanks this addon is great.
  2. Yes the CH Fighterstick, CH Pro Throttle, CH Pro Pedals are all compatable the CH Manager Software merges all ch input devices to work together. I have a CH Fighterstick, Ch Throttle Quadrant, Pro Throttle and Pro Pedals. They work great especially with TIR. There are many ready made profiles for OFF, CFS3, IL2 and many other games available at the CH Hanger Webpage. You can plug the CH devices into your available USB Ports. I use an external Powered USB Hub to plug all my CH devices.
  3. If you are in need of a stimulus boost, I am ready to preorder right now!!!
  4. Well besides lurking on this forum, reading all of the great mission reports and other excellent OFF topics, My Hobbies are: building,upgrading computers and collecting and repairing old computers, collecting old computer game software. target shooting, Hunting, fishing, Reloading reading History all time periods, but favorites are WWI, WWII. Aerial combat. Models, Aircraft and armor fixing up the house. designing and redesigning my gaming cockpit without actually building it.
  5. Help me not suck.

    Vey good Point Bullethead, At least for myself I really enjoy this sim because of the difficulty
  6. Help me not suck.

    Good advise from olham. I am still getting swatted out of the sky by AA. The longest streak I had was just under 6 hours. I just delete deceased pilot start another and try again and try not to make the same mistakes. I will not attack railyards anymore even if they are the objective. WWI aircraft are just not suited to ground attack IMHO.
  7. Well the more I fly the more I die, but still I try. The front late 1917 & 1918 is just plain murderous. I like a challenge my first goal is to get a pilot to 10 hours without dying. I shall take turns flying for the Brits, French and Germans. I find it darn dangerous no matter what time period you choose to fly. This is no complaint usually most Sims are not this difficult and then again their AI is nowhere near as good as in OFF my compliments to OBD and all others responsible for this excellent Sim.

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