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  1. Folks, Was at a loss as to what to do and decided to search to see what ever happened to the old 'Target for Tonight' sim that was kicking around a few years back; to my no great suprise it has become vaporware. Anyway my presonal interest in flight sims has allways been WW2 Bombing campiagns (Europe 8th airforce, RAF Bomber Command and 21th BC against Japan) and I've ammassed quite a bit of information on the subject, especially with regard to RAF Bomber Command. For example I've got pretty much every Luftwaffe airfireld in Europe (name and in many cases location and layout - admittedly only very detailed for some of them but meh...), flak and searchlight belts, layouts and plans of virtually every German Oil target in Europe (location, map, detailed layout, production capacity etc.). I'm in work now so obviously I can't post them , but if anybody is interested I can. Also I've ammassed a large ammounts of documnetary material with reagrds to the bombing of Germany in WW2 (some of it primary source material), again I'll post a detailed list of the source material I have. Now I'm no programmer nor do I even own WOE (big EVE-Online and Silent Hunter player) but I would love to contribute/help in anyway towards any WW2 Bombing mod etc.

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