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  1. I have been pre occupied with real life of late. Votes in now
  2. I agree, I have DCS and Falcon4 and find them a little too easy in the fights and cumbersome to use in that you have to go through all the steps to get to these scenarios and then become underwhelmed when you get into the air to air engagements. In all SF2 there are always surprises like your first mission in a campaign where the enemy uses tactics that surprise you think you have done the mission only to be hosed down by a Mig climbing from the weeds so to speak, result a very quick campaign ending in failure.
  3. Upgrades and Such to CombatACE

    Gone to platinum Over
  4. As a kid in the late 1960s I was bought up near an general aviation airport in Durban North named Virginia Airport South Africa and they had an annual airshow. I remember a Rocket assisted take off by a Hercules from barely 100 metres from where I was standing pre OHS madness obviously. The Mirage 111 dual pair and some times 4 ship formation which actually had a high speed flypast that BROKE the sound barrier. The one that blew me away was the Buccaneer doing touch and gos on this tiny tarmac strip, I still have vivid images of these events. I discovered the Strike Fighter through Cold War gone hot used to read such books as World war 3 and the like when the world appeared to be heading in that direction. Always fascinated by the subject, Combat Ace and TW have given me endless hours of living a simulated dream in helping taking the pressures of life away and the dream of flying the Buccaneer. Thank you everyone for all your contributions to this simulation from the pas,t the present and in the future.
  5. You Bewdy Volker, looks really fantastic cannot wait to fly it.
  6. What no Buccaneer I guess it will have to be the F1c then
  7. As a fellow newbe I concur with Spitfire007, I was almost on the verge of going back to FSX, then got serious and really researched all the KB and discussion subjects to fix the issues I had in trying to get the mods working properly.Finally got a handle on it and now enjoying the game, which by the way is immensly stimulating rather than full on simulations such as FSX etc. This game is way better now I have mod issues sorted it is going to get even better. My thanks go to all the guys in this community particularly Dave always the wiseman makes you think about what you are doing before attempting something rash, Migbuster, Wrench, Fubar and a host of others, the advice has been great. My issue updating from Vista to Windows 7 as the system was rather than a clean install, I recomend clean install and reinstalling all games and mods. Keep up the great Guys. reagrds Shaka

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