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  1. The campaign is so awesome..

    A but I DID mean to say that. Wouldn't you get pissed off in that situation? =) Ah Wels, the points go to you good Sir.
  2. The campaign is so awesome..

    Yeah you guys, I AM warping, but isn't that sort of taboo around here? =P Closest one yet! Oh and yeah, I'll buy the drinks. I keep a bottle of Canadian Club strapped in my cockpit at all times. The cap off so it's ready to drink. The centrifugal forces of my destined fatal spin will make sure it's not wasted, right? Right...?
  3. The campaign is so awesome..

    (The Zahn I am referring to has nothing to do with aviation at all ;)) Yeah I'm having agreat time so far you guys, but I'm struggling with the patience to fly manually through all the quiet parts.
  4. a surprize

    Haha carrick, check my tread called "The campaign is so awesome."
  5. Okay guys, so I've recently gotten OFF, and after playing around in QC and trying out different planes, I've started a German campaign with the intention of keeping it going. So far I've flown for only four hours with Jasta I across nine missions in two days(!) The current date is 23rd of August 1916. This morning the whole aerodrome had to scramble (in fact the whole area did) to counter about eight F.E.2.b aircraft flying at a pretty solid altitude- probably a recon mission to map out our side of the front. They flew without escorts and I was pretty excited to just get up there before they got away to make some kills/claims. My Halberstadt II was taking me really slowly upwards, though steadily.. it was just a moment of time until we would see the wretches go down. So I finally reach their altitude, make a slow turn and place myself at the rear of their formation, only theres a straggler. I follow him because he got pretty far away. Guns blazing, I see him go down and head back for more. But what do I see? The formation has decided to turn for home! So now I'm right in the middle of the formation, trying to make the best of it. I get out of it with only taking a few hits from an unseen direction and I place myself at their rear with another slow turn. I take aim at the rearmost machine... *CLICK* My gun has been damaged. I've fired about 100 round and have 400 left. Seven machines still in the air, and I am the only one at their altitude. Some curses later I dive down and make my landing. God I love this game. EDIT My pilot's name is Erich Zahn. Ten points to whoever gets the reference. No googling!
  6. Hi gents! I'm back after many, many, many years of flying in RB and RB3D and have now discovered OFF. Some startup problems however. When I quit the game, I can't start it again because it says "Over Flanders Field is already running." What am I supposed to do? I can't find the process in the task manager or anything.. Help a new aviator, willya?

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