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  1. I'm partial to the XFA-27 Phoenix, but this is a nice looking Fenrir. In was kinda dissapointed when the creator of the Morgan never finished their mod. Will there be more to come? And how bout someone design a LSWM weapon mod for it, that'b be pretty cool.
  2. Does anyone know where I can get the Capun Mi-24 Hind? I tried creating an account on his site and he denied my request stating that I already had an account. I have been online for years and save every detail for any site I sign up to and there was no info for his site in my files. I request info on the 'old account' and all he did was be a jerk and basically spit in my face. All wanted to do was get a copy of his Hind, does anyone know where else I can get it, or if someone could get a copy for me?
  3. I just checked it, and is't datted 2/20/08. Is it possible I might have to reinstall it by getting it from here?
  4. Here is a re-render of my question. Nato put a weaponeditor app and a guneditor app in my WOE directory. I tried adding a aircraft that did not come with NATO. I tried adding the weapons into the game according to the readmes instructions. When I try to open the weaponeditor to save a new weapon data file, the editor does not open. I hope that might clear up my question.
  5. I recently downloaded The WOE october 2008 update and NATO Fighters I - IV yesterday. They added the guneditor and weaponeditor apps into my directory. The problem is, everytime I add a new arcraft, I can't get either the gun nor weapon editors to open. Are these the actual editors or do I still need to find them on the net somewhere?
  6. I just purchased a copy of Wings Over Europe, what I need to know is what I need to get in order to mod it properly. I've recently downloaded Mirage Factorys F/A-18A Hornrt. It includes a droptank, but there was no weapons file in my WOE directory, so I made one. The droptank, howerver, never showed in the game. How do I add new weapons? Pus, I downloaded a MV-22 Osprey and a Mi-35 Hind, both of which are helos, but the game has a hard time running tem. Do I also need something to make the game Helo compatible? Thanx for any future replys. Does anyone know where I can find a B-2 Spirit for WOE?

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