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  1. yes , it works thank you for this beautiful campaigns .
  2. i have woi patched to october and here 's image to campaign folder containing the campaign and inside the game , it do't appear
  3. it's not working i put the folder im the campaigns folder , but the campaign doesn't appear
  4. i put the file in the J-10 folder and no skin appeared , please someone tell me what to do . it's the first time i download something from combatace with no readme file .
  5. what should i write in the configuration settings file
  6. i don't have either (aim9x) or (amraam120c) data and the Jul 06 weps pack doesn't work with me , can you please post me the data of these two weapons so i can add them to weapondata .
  7. does it works for woi ? or the weapon pack of august is enough .
  8. Mirage Factory Weapons Pack 01/25/2009

    does it works for woi

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