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  1. AGM-130 Missile Set ver.1.1

  2. Westland Wyvern S. 4 definitive skin pack

    I must say, I never knew this plane existed until it was released for the SF series, and I must say it is such a SEXY plane. Absolutely love it!
  3. Uh yup, looks like I am making the switch from TW to DCS.....
  4. Prometheus

    JediMaster - if you go 1:35 on the second trailer released on Apple Trailers you do see the Alien drone, it is a mural on the wall. Also this movie is about "evolution," well look at the lower half of what we have been shown of the Engineer AKA Space Jockey, does it not look like the Xenomorph we have come to know and love?
  5. Prometheus

    Prometheus is on my short list of movies I'd pay full price to see. The only movies I really see nowadays are kids films, but I really do get a kick out of Pixar films.
  6. Prometheus

    For all of you in Europe, I hate you right now! 1 week left until this Ridley Scott masterpiece comes out in America (eff yeah). I could not contain my enthusiasm any longer so I had to go on wikipedia where I read the spoiler heavy plot synopsis, after reading it all I have to say is that this film SCREAM Alien prequel, regardless of what Ridley is saying. My whole theory is that they are trying to distance itself from the damage that was caused to the franchise by Alien Resurrection, Alien v Predator, and AVP 2.
  7. Just picked up SF2NA, only one I don't have is Exp 1. Thanks TK!!!
  8. That works great for the Navy, but not for the Marine Corps.
  9. Pima Air and Space

    Can't begin to tell you the number of times I've visited PASM, thank god it's only a 20 minute drive away :)
  10. On Facebook the TW page that SF2NA has been released Yup, it is now available!
  11. Douglas EB-66C Destroyer (Ver 2)

    Great work Kevin! I still remember when I was blessed with the opportunity to interview Lt Col Hambleton shortly before his death.
  12. That is absolutely BEAUTIFUL Dave!
  13. @Julhelm - BLASPHEMY! It's the better of the Tomcat movies, b/c in this one you don't have a gratuitous volleyball sequence, and no Kenny Loggins, just a bada$$ soundtrack if you ask me, oh and you get the world famous Jolly Rogers!!!

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