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  1. Hello All Hows the holidays going? So I've been learning and practising modding WOE, but still I can't figure out how to put aircraft carriers into WOE, I've followed what I can find, I use mission creator and the aircraft carriers don't appear in the objects menu? Can some on help me?
  2. Hey all, Since I've joined this little corner of the internet, I have forever been trying to find out how to put carriers into WOE. I've searched relentlessly but still can't find out how, any one want to help? regards GOD
  3. wings over europe squadrons?

    Hey there I recently joined not to long ago, and well im in. I'm actualy going for my pilots liscence through the airforce cadets, so my callsign and such is taken care of. Last names, Lord Callsigns: GOD, hence GulfOscarDelta Cya all out there
  4. Help for all

    Thanks all I was sure there would be some kind of place were you could ask questions like these I just was unable to find it, but I have now gone through and found what I need. The system isn't much different to FSX, a real, as you call it "drag and drop" and the folder layout isn't to difficult to understand. Thanks
  5. Helo All I stumbled upon this little haven and started this post as soon as i had a membership. So I started this post so that people like me (NOOOBS) can get some answers to some questions on modding and such without screwing up there computer. Now firstly of course I have some questions. I recently purchased wings over europe, I wasn't to happy with the selction of aircraft that I had. I piered through the internet looking for mods, and I found none. I was sure there were mods because the back of the package i qoute "open architecture for mod support." it went on about new skins and aircraft. So I continued my relentless search and found nothing. Now the strange thing I found stange about WOE is that all the aircraft have a tailhook function. I thought this must be because there is carrier operations availiable! So off on my search again and I search Wings Over Eruope Carrier Ops, And guess were I end up? In this little corner of the internet. So I'm running through every part of the site, and decide im gonna make a account. So I did. So when im done I think hang on ive downloaded 4 different carriers 10 different aircraft, and I relise: I dont no what the hell to do, Then I relised it's kinf of like FSX and FS2004, carriers would be like scenery. But how do I find them? And do they just sit there to look pretty? By looks of the scrren shots no. So my questions are: 1. How to install mods. 2. How to install and use Aircrafts Carriers. And 3. What do the carriers do.' I no how noobish this post is but if I dont find out I cant move on to nor being a noob. So if any one is willing to help please post ASAP.

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