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  1. Italian Front (WIP)

    Looking great! Thanks to all who are/have worked to get a WWI Italian Front going. Hope you all will be patient with the many questions I will have in installing everything.
  2. The H-B D.1 does indeed have a gunpod, mounted on the top wing. The download (from the add on plane section here) had the aircraft folder and the 2 narrowplt files after extraction. Will play around with the values - thanks for the help
  3. Hi, I opened up the DATA.INI and the entire [Pilot] section is identical to what you posted - should I try changing values for the Position line? Thanks for the reply - what's going on with the Italian Front project?
  4. Hi, how do I fix this; was not sure where the narrowplt files should be placed, thanks in advance
  5. thanks for the help, I tried to register at third wire to ask TK directly, but I didn't receive the registration confirmation email! Nothing is in spam. I get email from at least 50 separate people and companies all over the world, everyday, I do online banking, car payment, loan payments, with multiple organizations and never have any problem sending or receiving email; I'm baffled. since quack has caporetto going, the first step for me is to get stock FE2 installed. I could send snail mail with my original order info to thrid wire and have him send me FE2 on cd - could someone who has access to the third wire forums run that by him? thanks to all who replied, thanks to quack for working on caporetto. and thanks in advance to anyone who hopefully in the near future will be helping me learn FE2 regards
  6. I'm an FE newb,and am certain to have many questions when installing Caporetto! How is testing progressing? Posted a few weeks ago about not receiving a third wire download link for FE2; I've had 3 separate emails to support... bounce back, and even called the number listed in a third wire tech forum sticky and the mailbox was full. Just came back from a weeks vacation so I haven't followed up anymore yet. Regards
  7. Thanks for the reply. I didn't see anything relevant in the tech forum yet. Yeah, I had bought SF1 a month or so ago and received the email immediately. I am trying to get ready for Caporetto!
  8. Anyone know if anything is going on at Third Wire? I purchased FE2 online last Friday and never received a confirmation email, a follow-up email bounced back today. Thanks for any help
  9. looks fantastic! Have FE Gold - will I need FE2? Is the only difference compatibility for vista/7? I'm still running xp. thanks btw have a pretty good collection of WWI A-H material, if you are in need of references

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