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  1. Hi Everyone - this baby should now definitely be ready for Xmas. Sadly no campaign, maybe later next year..who knows More pictures:
  2. GTs First Eagles

    WIP, Screenshots taken during missions, etc.
  3. Update: Ran into a CTD bug. Newer experienced something like this. Happens only in 'Armed Recon' missions. Have to figure out why - Old Italian terrain runs fine - Terrain objects and ini files alle checked - Only major difference is the movement.ini..if I use the content of another terrain it works, e.g. no CTD, if I use the new one it CTD bwaahhhhh Update: Found the issue...not more than 32 nodes within the movement.ini...so as example truck routes should not be more than 32points cheers gterl
  4. Soooo I've just decided: This terrain, once finished, will not be released with a campaign. Sorry folks, but the amount of work already put into this is way too much for an old man like me. I love this particular corner of the world and that's why I've put so much effort into this terrain. But a campaign is (currently) beyond my limits...timewise. So pls stay tuned and hopefully this baby will be released in the next weeks,..once I've crushed all the bugs. One thing I can already say..it will have quite an impact on your PCs...more than 500 separate tiles (531 currently), 553 target areas with a total of 9705 targets...and still adding
  5. Hi - I'm going to try this out (and report back). I'll use the new Italian terrain, with my WIP campaign. Testing and having fun in-one :-) cheers gt
  6. New Aircraft

    Thank you Crawford!! Removing the all LODs (except the first one) did the trick!
  7. New Aircraft

    Yes it's the LOD files...not the INI's (that one was easy to figure out)
  8. New Aircraft

    Unicode...so I'm stuck. Unless I migrate to FE2
  9. New Aircraft

    Wonderfull stuff!! I know because I've downloaded the package and checked everything with the LODViewer. First hint of issues was provided by the DDS format skin. So I changed everything to BMP and even HEX edited the LOD files (changed from DDS to BMP). Checked again with the LODViewer and it looked even better. Sadly aircraft (used the Caudron) does not show up within the game. I was able to choose it, but no 3d object is showing once game-engine starts up. Mind you, no CTD, no errors...just a 'ghost' airplane. Even the exhaust smoke is working...in the sky ..without plane. I guess this is due to the new TW2 format (remember something about LODs having another format). FE Gold here...so I'm outdated..LOL cheers gt
  10. Opinions please

    Ok, worked a bit more on the colors. This version seems slightly better...will continue to improve the idea. Thx for your feedback so far
  11. Bit of grass on the airfields. Effect is quite subtle. Can't get more hi-res (TGA otherwise too big). ..what do you think?

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