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  1. ...not yet finished, but I'm happy so far with the result
  2. GTs First Eagles

    WIP, Screenshots taken during missions, etc.
  3. Late afternoon patrol ...AND don't tell me this isn't one of the greatest WW1 sim's out there
  4. ...only about 100 tiles left till finished....and then positioning, targets, airfields
  5. Still a bit in experimental phase, but I'm surprised how well everything fits together (TOD's, my templates, the original tiles, etc.) ..hope you like it. Mind you...nothing promised yet ...
  6. Ahhh yess still on my HD...so many ideas so little time
  7. Trouble is....time. I'm able to improve something existing with the my given time. If we think more 'globally' then we discuss (as example and not conclusive list): Seasonal tiles, better vegetation per season, new TODs, elevation maps, facilities, such as ports, train stations, big cities, which in turn would need new/additional objects like buildings, POIs, etc....uffff. Bottom line: Basically everything is feasable but time is an issue (mind you ...still have a job and a family to feed ) OTOH just thinkered with one tile, one airfiled and a bit with the vegetation...for the moment I'm quite pleased
  8. Hi Folks (however still reads this) Inspired by the wonderful Triplane and the Halberstadt CL.II I've recently restarted FE. By sheer coincidence and curiosity I downloaded the 'old' Flanders terrain from Edward (who still remembers...LOL). I've to say this terrain is good...good basis for further enhancements! Now my two questions: 1. Are you still playing from time to time FE? Still enjoying? 2. If the above mentioned terrain would get a complete rewamp would you use it? No channel (water), 1:1 size - e.g. just a portion of flanders, but with more details, etc. I would honestly do it, but it's a huge project....sooo thinking twice cheers and let me know your thoughts gt
  9. VonS and a Bleriot XI

    Can't wait for this...sorry just had to reply
  10. Sopwith Triplane variants

    Thank you Sir!
  11. New Aircraft

    Another stupid question...almost got the Pfalz working but I'm looking for the pilot model...any ideas? cheers gt

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