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  1. GTs First Eagles

    WIP, Screenshots taken during missions, etc.
  2. New Aircraft

    Another stupid question...almost got the Pfalz working but I'm looking for the pilot model...any ideas? cheers gt
  3. I'm glad you found a solution. Sorry still only FE-Gold here... no chance of finding the issue on my side
  4. exactly same spot, same installation, same city (Lienz and vicinity)...strange
  5. did you delete the whole caporetto folder within terrains and replace with the new version? If it still persists I need the details of the area (where?). fly over it - take screenshot - switch to map - take screenshot (zoomed in/out) -> so I'm able to identify the area, e.g. the tile Sorry but with more than 500 tiles it's extremely difficult to locate such issues thx gt
  6. fixed...but you'll have to delete the whole caporetto terrain folder with the new version (2.1)...available now
  7. ok, let me check....strange….I'll look into this
  8. Mhhhhm lots of things have disapeared or were never finished.....let me go through my files..
  9. Cockpits for Laton's Eindeckers

    thank you very nice!!!!
  10. Uh, what did you train on? - The usual machine, Herr Hauptmann... an out-of-date Pfalz! That's what you'll fly here! - But, at flying school, they told us... "Flying school!" At flying school, they'll tell you anything! Up-to-date machines go to experienced pilots! Those are in short supply! It's a cruel world, Stachel, huh? - Yes, Herr Hauptmann. WIP
  11. Chivalry? To kill a man, then make a ritual out of saluting him - that's hypocrisy. They kill me, I don't want anyone to salute. ..... They probably won't

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