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  1. Caporetto Campaign

    To whomever still reads this.. ..just wanted to let you know I'm still refining the Caporetto terrain. It came to my attention (books, pictures from the period, etc.) that the carst region is to greenish. At the time, e.g. start of 20th century it was more barren than today. Comparing to the Google satelitte imagery of today it must have looked differently at the time. More rocks, less scrub, bushes and trees. One of the major hazards were rock splinters thrown up by explosions and not the actual shrapnels, e.g. piece of metals. Trenches had to be build with rocks and digging was not done with shovels but with pickaxes and pneumatic drills / jackhammers. As a consequence I'm in the process of repainting / recoloring all tiles connected to this area. Why I'm doing this and why do I care? Another question (usually asked by my missus). Well the answer is rather complex and it's definitely not related primarely on the technical challenge. I know it's just a game and even an old one. The game-engine has it's limitations and the representation of the reality is definitely limited. However I like to push the boundaries on one hand and on the other hand I think all those poor souls who fought there deserve it. My family lost two members on this front. One on the plains of the Carst in front of the Fajiti Hrib hill and one on the Pasubio mountain (RIP). Hope you'll enjoy the upcoming (again) reworked and enhanced terrain Kind regards gt
  2. GTs First Eagles

    WIP, Screenshots taken during missions, etc.
  3. Caporetto Campaign

    small mountain lakes..rather ponds
  4. Caporetto Campaign

    Again, thx to Stephen1918! The Italians are preparing for flying boat patrols
  5. Caporetto Campaign

    Thanks a lot Stephen1918 !!! Looking good
  6. Caporetto Campaign

    further tests with 'wet' terrain..Isonzo and waterfilled shell holes working on V 2.0 and campaign and 'wet' fields
  7. shameless self promotion
  8. New Aircraft

    Great stuff!!
  9. Playing around with the water effects...flooded fields and a bit of train sim
  10. Caporetto Campaign

    fantasy..something I googled 'prohaska coat of arms', or similar, can't remember
  11. Caporetto Campaign

    Prohaska is right in the middle of it ..flying with his personal coat of arms
  12. New Aircraft

    OK, I'm really not sure...another try https://www.picclickimg.com/d/l400/pict/332697496548_/französischer-Druckmesser-Manomètre-Dewoitine-Morane.jpg https://www.picclickimg.com/d/l400/pict/292544064456_/Instruments-AVIATION-Ancien-Paul-Viet-manomètre-moteur-démarreur.jpg
  13. New Aircraft

    Barométre/Barographe http://bleuhorizon.canalblog.com/archives/2007/02/24/4117538.html :-)

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