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  1. New Flanders

    Yes, slow but steady progress...sorry but currently holiday time. - Coastline finished, major rivers outlined - Major cities 'marked' on the German side - without Holland - Majority of tiles done - but still missing: railroad tracks, train stations, special tiles (like landmarks, special features, etc.) rgds gt
  2. New Flanders

    Ypern 1.0
  3. GTs First Eagles

    WIP, Screenshots taken during missions, etc.
  4. New Flanders

    Past Diksmuide I'm now directed to Ypern...
  5. New Flanders

    Working my way south from Nieuwpoort along the Yser canal and the flooded areas.....tile by tile...what did I start and why??? PS: Red stuff is still wip WIP
  6. New Flanders

    Yser canal and Nieuwpoort...well, what's left of it
  7. New Flanders

    To all of those that follow this topic.....help is needed pls. I'm looking for LOD's for the terrain, e.g. static ones. I've searched here in the download sections and within the various terrains...couldn't find something suitable - Terraced houses, esp. for south England - Dover Castle - Heavy mortars. I know we have field guns...how about mortars? - Angled harbor walls (like the one in Dover) If you've something I would be most grateful. I know it's a bit early in the development stage...but who knows thx gt
  8. New Flanders

    Yes seaplane bases are a real option/possibility In the meantime...added little lakes and 'wet' fields (shimmering in the distance)
  9. New Flanders

    Part of England will be there..south coast..Dover, etc.
  10. New Flanders

    Now we're talking.... still a long road
  11. New Flanders

    Havent started yet with the targets. So this is just a test with a coastal town...
  12. New Flanders

    Still working on coastline from another angle
  13. Guess you're going to love this - New tiles (mix of Caporetto, old Flanders from Edward, etc.) - More tiles - Corrected locations of the towns, cities, etc. - Frontline +/- 1917 ..stay tuned, will take ages!!

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