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  1. Looking for some help gents. I know this is an old thread, but wasn't sure where to post it,. and also what to name the artifact I'm getting on my install of Wov 1 for searching. On the information side, this is a fresh install of WOV 1. What was added so far: 1.) VietnamSEA_Tile_Repaint_v1.0 2.) Green_Hell_2 3.) Rescaled_Green_Hell_2_Trees 4.) Shimmering_buildings_fix The VIETNAMSEA_DATA_INI is modified according to the readme in Bananimal download. [AlphaObjectTextureMaterial] DepthBufferCheck=TRUE DepthBufferWrite=TRUE RenderedInOrder=TRUE AlphaTestEnabled=TRUE CullMode=NO_CULL //NO_CULL LightEnabled=TRUE SpecularEnabled=FALSE EmissiveEnabled=FALSE FogEnabled=TRUE AmbientColor=1.000000,1.000000,1.000000,1.000000 DiffuseColor=1.000000,1.000000,1.000000,1.000000 ZBufferOffset=2.000000 BlendOp=BLEND_SRC_ALPHA //BLEND_DST_ALPHA NumTextureStages=1 TextureStage[01].TextureName= TextureStage[01].MipMap=False //FALSE TextureStage[01].FilterEnabled=TRUE TextureStage[01].StageColorOp=TEXTURE_MODULATE_DIFFUSE TextureStage[01].StageAlphaOp=TEXTURE Now everything looks fantastic compared to the original, so I would hate to have to give these mods up/delete. What is showing in game is hard to explain...so hopefully these pics will help. One are these white slivers and the other from the pit of the F4D shows up as squares. Really Really would appreciate any advice. Thanks...DaveS
  2. Hey Lexx, I can't say I have a favorite yet, but there's no doubt that the Thud pit is a real beauty. I've just finished adding new terrains by Brain32, and CA_Stary. Also the cloud set done by Gumpy./Manysh. What a Difference! As far as "Be careful cos this game can become very addictive"....I'm afraid it has already too late. DaveS
  3. Saber....hah ha, well that does work better. Appreciate the link Gepard.
  4. New guy here, at least with WoV. I decided to get a flight sim with jets that was actually designed to have 'em. Works great on my old XP computer. Haven't seen a stutter yet. sweet... Got one question though, I've been searching around for a F-86 to mix it up with some migs. A lot of the links on search results show up with dead links. Does anyone have one archived possibly? Or maybe a point in the direction of a site I can find one at? Thanks,DaveS

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