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  1. New members

    Your number of posts does not show how many times you have visited the site. Im sure many people have been reading the forums for quite some time like me. I have not posted many times. Sometimes I visit the site at work and dont login. I think that justifying some ones eligibility for the contest based on the number of posts would be justified and one i would support. Just my two cents.
  2. this idea sounds like a great idea. Thanks Jeff! Post #53
  3. Citadel Hell

    Just an additional note, remember it is what your classmates think about you that is the most important. Im not saying be the company clown, but if your classmates respect you and you try your hardest at everything you do, you will be fine. Dont ever rat on your classmates. Your classmates make knob year bearable. They also will help you out as you progress in the system. You will have these friends for the rest of your life, especially your roomates. You should already be getting a feeling of who you respect in your company. Over time you will become friends with a lot of them. Even if you transfer you will have a special bond with your classmates from cadre.
  4. Citadel Hell

    Hang in there. It seems like a long year, but remember not to take anything personally and realize that you need to focus on academics the first year. I have seen alot of classmates start out slow academically. It really hurts them. Academics are the reason you are there. Isnt 1st Battallion renovated? I was in Golf in old PG Barracks. We didnt have AC and had radiators that would run 24/7 even if it got hot. I remember it was in the 80s my knob year at Thanksgiving Furlough. Dust was always in our rooms. Keeping our rifles clean was a real challenge. I always got busted for water in my sink drain. We used to have to clean the radiator pipes near our ceiling. Remember to lean on your classmates they will be a great help for all of your time there, but especially knob year. You will soon find out which ones you can rely on. How does this compare to JROTC? I thought you might find it a challenge. Write me if you have any questions. BRACE !! just kidding. Craig Coker '91
  5. New PC

    I hope you can keep your gpa up there. First semester can be difficult to adjust to the military duties, academics, and any other clubs/intramurals etc. Electrical engineering is probably the hardest major with the exception of physics. I think the attrition rate was about 75% in my class. I think there wa about 10 ee grads in my class (1or 2 Physics Majors). My first roomate was an ee major. He studied a lot more than I did, and I studied alot. For about the first three semesters we studied about the same classes. During the week I would study until 1AM usually and get up and run with the Marine ROTC Cadets before 6AM. I was usually drinking two pots of coffee a night. I spent about half of my weekend studying and sleeping the rest. I would sneak in a beer or too when I could, but I didnt have time to party downtown. Dont underestimate the work you will have to do in the first semester. As far as the Naval Academy, just remember you are comparing a small college with a huge college. The class sizes are going to be much different. It is just a different atmosphere. I know that we dont have the problems with the honor violations that the NA does. There and the other academies you can violate the Honor code several times before you are dismissed. We have a zero tolerance to honor violations. It is fair but strict. You will find out when you get there. I think you will find we are the better college, however the NA has a great reputation and looks great on the resume. We're no slouches either.
  6. New PC

    Our Rifle team is usually very good and competes at a really high level with much larger schools. I was in the Karate Club there. It was a great opportunity to attend classes and advance your belt with black belts as sensei. We didnt pay very much for tests. Private lessons would easily cost 2x to 3x more. As for drill, you have to realize that you are now going to be at a very professional level at The Citadel. For a knob the best thing you can do is follow all of your orders as well as you can (you will get orders that are impossible at times it part of the 4th class system). Maintain very good personal appearance, and remember you are a 4th classmen. Alot of my classmates would try to brown nose and make friends with the upperclassmen. This usually backfires. Do your job efficiently and well. You classmates are your greatest supporters, and you must help them as much as possible. You have a great advantage for rank because you have a scholarship. The NROTC Dept. will try to get all of their scholarship cadets rank especially as you advance toward 1st class year. This is not a free ride also. If you are sharp and a good leader in your class you will have a good opportunity. The greatest advantage is a great GPA at the end of the year. Engineering majors are at a disadvantage because the classes we take are harder than Business etc.. You will be asked what your major is. The upper classmen will probably correct you and say Pre- Business. I would say 50% of the engineering majors will change majors at the end of the first semester. If you get deans list or especially gold stars you should be ok. I didnt get deans list until I was a senior. The first semester adjustment will be difficult, but it can be managed if youre smart about studying. I drank too much first semester and by the end of the year I was studying almost all weekend. Everyone figures out their best way to study.
  7. New PC

    Let me say that JROTC might have prepared you for your AFROTC classes, but you have no idea how much you will drill and march in Aug.. The sun is hot in Aug - Sept. when you are holding your m-14, standing on the concrete quad. You will drill for hours during Cadre. I think the old barracks were pretty bad at winter time. The radiators come on at certain dates during the fall. It might be 70 during the day and the radiator will come on 24/7 until spring. I used to get nose bleeds unless we kept a tin of water on the radiator. I used to take cold showers to stay cool or use the engineering library in Letellier hall while I was working in AC. Were you in your high school band? If you said so on your application you may be put in the Regimental Band. I was in the Pipe Band for 2 yrs. I dont think that you can study for an engineering major and be in Band Co.. There some guys who are incredibly smart who wouldnt have to study anyway. They were ok. I had to study alot. I transferred to Golf company at the end of my Sophomore year. Dont get me wrong I had a great time, but its alot of work. It will be worth it when you graduate. First Battalion has a rep. of being slack, and pretty easy. Second battalion was pretty by the book, since all of the Regimental and Batt. staff are there. Third Bat. was a pretty good balance of both, and Fourth Batt. was called the Zoo (the name fit well). Alot depends if the Batt. CO takes himself too seriously. Keep in touch and let me know how things are going as your time to join the Corps gets closer. Heard any stories about HELL NIGHT?
  8. New PC

    Great Computer! I think I will be ordering a new computer soon also. I graduated from The Citadel in 1991. It was a great experience. I wouldnt trade it for anything. I was NROTC also. What Major will you study? Have you been assigned to a company yet? You might want to start breaking in your leather shoes now. Knobs do alot of marching when they first get in. Let me know if you have any questions. By the way Class of 1991 was in the old corps, we didnt have air conditioning in the barracks.

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