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  1. Thank you Fubar, I should have noticed that the problem started with the new patch. I switched to the old one and the graphics are fine. That will at least give me something to do until the next fix comes out.
  2. Rgr that, his video was created using the Gold Mod for SF2V.
  3. The reason I ask is becasue I just saw this vidoe posted in these forums. Swift doesn't appear to have the same problems I am having.
  4. One other question.. Is this an issue with all Video card types or is it just ATI? If it's an ATI issue I forsee a new Nvidea 295 in my future.
  5. Ok, Thanks for the answer. I can learn to ignore it.
  6. I've been trying to get my SF2 Vietnam to work properly. The stock game runs fine but the atmospere is too bland for me. The terrain looks fine (stock) but the target areas are extremely boring. I downloaded and installed the Expansion PAck Gold 2.0 and its update. The clouds and sky look great and the target areas have some character to them. Unfortunately I knew I was going to have problems. My first tip was when I went to the intro screen for my campaign (the one where the teletype types out your squadron assignment and date the campaign starts.) I no longer had the picture of a carrier on the campaign screen. The text was still there and the message types out but the rest of the screen is black. When I got into the mission I noticed errors in the images renderred in my mirriors. Here is what is behind my aircraft.. But here is what I see in my mirrors.. If I remove the custom terrrain this error goes away. I have been up and down the list of drivers for my video card (ATI 4870x2). From verion 9.1 all the way through to the latest 9.12. I am runnig Windows XP.. I even went up and down the settings in my Catalyst Control Center. AA, AF Mip map et cetera, With No luck.. Is there a way to have the new and improved, better looking target areas and not have to use the new terrain?
  7. Choosing a Video card

    Can anyone recommned a good video card? I'm currently running an ATI 4870x2 (2Gig mem) but when I max out the video settings in SF2Vietnam It still gets choppy. System is a intel quad 3.0ghz with 4 gig ram.
  8. Download limits

    I recently bought Thirdwires, First Eagles Gold, and I love it. I was trolling through the downloads section and found some new campaigns. These campaigns come with a list of aircraft that are required to play. Some lists are long, 30 to 40 planes. With the download limit it will be days before I am ready. Is there a membership that can be purchased ?
  9. Please disregard, After further thinking (should have done it first..) I went trolling through the forums and found the answer.
  10. I have just started playing SF2 Vietnam. I love the sim!! Then I ran across the Vietnam modpack ver 2.0,,, AWESOME!! The instructions direct me to " Simply drop the contents of the "To_Mod_Folder" into your Strike Fighters 2 Vietnam Mod Folder (NOT the folder that the game installs to). By default your Mod Folder should be located here: Windows XP: \Documents and Settings\[username]\My Documents\ThirdWire\StrikeFighters2" I don't have a mods folder in the SF2 folder. I know I need to create one. My question is this: What do I name the folder? Is it just called "MODS"?

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