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  1. hi everyone! noob just signed up - looking at this sim with great interest, but before i make a purchase i was just wondering if my pc spec will handle this:- athlon64x2 3800 asus m2n mobo 2.5gb ddr2 (667mhz) nvidia 9600 gso 384mb pci-e winxp 64bit im guessing by previous posts in this topic that i would be looking at minimum settings, but would it be a smooth experience or a slideshow? running il2:1946 at max detail with AA and anisotropic filtering and 1280x960 res on this rig nicely, but its an old game now but it may give a hint as to how it would handle OFF? have oc'd the cpu but the most i seem to be able get is a 300mhz increase before it all goes tits up, the 9600 gso oc's like a demon! cheers in advance for any advice by the way, im on a tight budget!

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