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  1. I had this problem last year and downloaded amd optimizer, all of a sudden I am going to a mission and find time is running too fast. Has anyone else had this problem? Thanks in advance
  2. I seem to remember this in Flying Corps. Seems a bit strange flying over an enemy field with all those parked planes and no activity.
  3. Yes its good news, I found myself going downhill on black ice last Friday, quite good for an adrenalin rush.
  4. Being able to save trim settings would be nice, as far as i am aware aircraft have to be trimmed before each take off whereas back in ww1 the ground crew would know each pilots preference after test flights.
  5. Merry Christmas and best wishes for 2011. Hope Santa/Christkindl has been good to you. ( Is that correct Olham?)
  6. I thought 15 was in the Rockies, I was at Lake Louise in 78 and if there had been some lake in the pic I might have had a guess at it. Is the Lake behind the building or to the right? Great scenery, fond memories.
  7. Number 13 is UK somewhere, Olham how about another visual clue, something we can google if no one is coming up with an answer.
  8. Freetrack works well if you are prepared to invest some time, It took me a while as I am not into electronics but there is plenty of info on the freetrack site and youtube.
  9. I came across this site and it doesn't show up in a forum search, may be of interest. Edward Packe
  10. Pilot damage

    Yes I was wondering that too
  11. Thanks Olham and Uncleal, what a brave chap removing the chocks I think I would have attached some rope to them if I knew that was down to me. Just a thought along the lines of realism, I read somewhere someone has a fan blowing on them to simulate air rush, now what about the castor oil?
  12. I was wondering how pilots adjusted speed when flying in formation given no throttle, was it with mixture? I must get some reading on this aircraft, got the camel aces book but it is pretty much names and number of kills.
  13. I only get snippets also.
  14. It's the flat pack furniture instruction sheets that have turned me off, any way where is the challenge following instructions.
  15. FreeTrack help

    I have got to the stage of the skull screen now, results are not too bad although occasionally the webcam loses the leds so I am looking at adjusting the angles of them and the threshold settings etc. There seems quite a lot to get to grips with, couldn't get anything to work for a day or two, now realize that was because I had the webcam software running. Tuba2 I am curious about the virtual joystick you are trying to run, are you not using freetrack for viewing in game? Afraid I can't help with your problem at the moment. If anyone would care to point me in the right direction for getting freetrack assigned to my panning views It would be a time saver and greatly appreciated, I haven't looked into that yet. Looking forward to getting freetrack up and running and getting back into the cockpit, been out of it for quite a few weeks since the chipset on my camels mainboard blew. Its had a bit of an overhaul now and sports an am2 3ghz cpu............. and flies:yahoo:

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