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  1. FE1 and DCE by lowengrin

    Bandy :) For what I know (and it's not too much) DCG/DCE should influence the campaign basing on the results of the mission. For example, if, in a mission, I destroy all the ground defense of an airfield, in the successive mission they shouldn't appear. There was something like that applied to a WW1 simulator in Flying Corps (AFAIR). So far I tested DCG only in IL2 shturmovik and It gives a great enhancement to the game. In synthesis there are no more pregiven mission that doesn't influence the campaign progress, but the pilot can give is "imprint" to the trend of the campaign. The only thing that doesn't make DCE work is that the exe at the start ask you for the SF1 exe only: I think that to modify that we should ask to lowengrin directly..
  2. FE1 and DCE by lowengrin

    Bandy :) DCG means Dynamic campaign generator and It was firstly developed for IL2 Shturmovik and CFS2 but there is a version also for SF1. I was hoping that it was possible to apply it also for FE1 but the problem seems to be hardcoded to me. If someone as more info or hints please report :)
  3. Hi all, I'm a fan od DCG for IL-2 and I see that Lowengrin made a similar thing for SF1. I tried to apply It to FE1 adapting this tutorial . When It seems that all was done well, I discovered that DCE is only for SF1 and It isn't adaptable for FE1 (in my experience) bcause when you have to select the .exe of the game and I select WWI.exe, It says "please set the path to the Strike Fighter executable file before proceeding". Anyone know a way to fix that? It will be beautiful to play dynamic campaigns in FE1 too :)
  4. Traduzione

    Ahahah, no Carlos magari avessi compreso tutto.. Ho già incontrato il primo problema: credo che i file .str abbiano una dimensione predefinita (predefinita da non capisco quale altro file, forse un file .ini?) per cui, ad esempio, activitylevel.str è composto da ........TXT_MENU_ACTIVITY_LEVEL_0.......TXT_MENU_ACTIVITY_LEVEL_1.......TXT_MENU_ACTIVITY_LEVEL_2.......TXT_MENU_ACTIVITY_LEVEL_3.......Random.Light.Normal.High. che io ho reso con: ........TXT_MENU_ACTIVITY_LEVEL_0.......TXT_MENU_ACTIVITY_LEVEL_1.......TXT_MENU_ACTIVITY_LEVEL_2.......TXT_MENU_ACTIVITY_LEVEL_3.......Casuale.Debole.Normale.Intensa. Come vedete ci sono 4 lettere in più e infatti nel gioco non compare "Intensa" ma solo "Int", mentre gli altri valori ci sono. C'è un modo per bypassare questa cosa? Grazie a chi vorrà rispondermi!
  5. Traduzione

    Salute Marcos :) Sai se esiste questa cosa che citavi anche per First Eagles? Perché ora ho capito come fare per editare i files .str (con l'hex editor) e ho già tradotto un po' di menu.. Devo solo decidere questioni di metodo come ad esempio il modo di tradurre aicraft se con "aereo" o "velivolo" etc. per cui mi piacerebbe chiedere il vostro consulto ed aiuto. Saluti!
  6. Traduzione

    Salve a tutt*! Che bello trovare una sezione per la comunità italiana :) Stavo cercando di iniziare la traduzione di FE (almeno per la parte testuale). Ho iniziato unpackando menutext.cat e menudata.cat Nel primo ho iniziato ad editare menutext.str con blocco note ma, quando repacko tutto e sostituisco il menutext.cat così creato a quello originale, all'avvio del gioco ho schermo nero e WWI nei processi che mangia 50 di CPU... Evidentemente blocco note non è la soluzione adatta per editare gli .str :p Avete qualche suggerimento per l'editing di questi file? Grazie e un saluto a tutt* :)
  7. [FE1] Game freeze at 60%

    Thank you for the welcome and for the infos Tailspin! I'm really pleased to share my passion for the WW1 air warfare with other people. I fall in love with "Wings of glory" then got defenitvely stunned with "Flying corps" (but now it doesn't work anymore). Then I found First Eagles, finally a non-arcade WW1 air combat simulator. Ok now I stop talking about me. About mi problem. In fact it is as you say: a "trial and error" process. I'll try to report the best settings for my video card in the case someone other has it. For now, I setted up some variables to "unlimited" and It works fine, but I'll report only when I find the max graphical settings sustainable by my system. Best Regards!
  8. AI mods to early planes

    Thank you for the explanation whiteknight06604! I'll follow your suggestion to have the planes :) Best Regards!
  9. AI mods to early planes

    Well, no... I tought that with the pete01's FM I would have added some airplanes as Spowith Pup, but maybe I made a big mistake. I once added Ansaldo airplane with no problem but have no experience except that. I tought that pete01's FM was a sort of "pack of airplanes". If you have some hints they would be really appreciated. Thank you!
  10. [FE1] Game freeze at 60%

    Thank You devere, I'll try what you have recommended and I'll post what will be the best settings I can have. Greetings!
  11. AI mods to early planes

    Hi, I use this topic 'cause it's indicated for report any eventual problem regarding this mod. I have FE1 with the expansion pack and I updated it with november 2008 patch, then I installed this update but I cannot see all the planes listed (for example the SopwithPup). If it's useful to fix this I can list what planes are present as a folder in the "aircraft" folder, but not active. Thank you for the help!
  12. Hi all, I'm glad to partecipate to this beautiful community and to share my passion for the WWI aircrafts. I'm experiencing some troubles playing First Eagles: in particular, when I try to start a Mission (when I try to fly, in fact), the loading bar freezes at 60%. This happened when I selected "High" in the graphic details. Then I applied the Nov 2008 patch and the game work well at "High" detail. But when I try to set the details to "Unlimited". the freezing loadbar come again. The only thing I installed is "First Eagles stock terrains upgrade pack" by Stary version 1.0 24.08.2009 that It seems don't work with only "high" details (or maybe I failed to do something). Thank you for your eventual answers!

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