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  1. I will have a look when i get home today capun. But thanks for your reply. I will let u know by posting here. I just hope this sorts out the problem so i can carry on with the plane. Do u have mustangs Tutorials as i cannot get them because the links are always down 24/7!!!
  2. I am giving a go at modding. I have got three views and put them into 3DMax. The 3 views are in. U can see them in the normal views. The problem is in the Perspective view. U can see the top and front view but the side view instead of having the image of the side of the plane it is black. I don't have a clue why it is black and i was wondering if any of u bods know what is wrong or is it i have left a step or two out. I wanna carry on with the plane but this is stopping me from Doing this!! Thanks in advanced.

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