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  1. DSCN3403[1].JPG

    Franz Stigler's BF-109G, built by my father-in-law and painted by me with custom printed decals to represent Stigler's plane at the time he allowed a B-17 (piloted by Lt. Charlie Brown, no less) to escape because the aircraft had been so shot up, and his considered it the same as shooting a man in a parachute. His commander, the legendary Adolf Galland, had admonished them never to do that - "You are fighter pilots. If I ever see you shoot a man in parachute I will shoot you myself!"
  2. DSCN3405[1].JPG

    Another of my favorites, an F-16C "Thunderbirds". In my opinion, the prettiest airplane in the sky.
  3. DSCN3404[1].JPG

    A favorite of mine, a "Red Tails" P-51D. A disproportionately large portion of the Red Tails came from my immediate area, near Pittsburgh PA. I attend a men's group in Sewickley PA. One of the members of that group. a dear man and a good friend was present in 1946 as a youngster when a Red Tail buzzed the Sewickley Heights Country Club and then the town itself at steeple top level in a prankish "what do you think of me NOW?" retaliation for the racial discrimination they endured up to that point - even up north here.
  4. DSCN3402[1].JPG

    My other goodie shelf and altimeter clock, plus the top of the Saturn V.
  5. DSCN3401[1].JPG

    Shelf of goodies and self-made frame for the Stan Stokes print "Showtime at the Circus" (I cut the tree down for the wood that made the frame, sawed it into lumber, dried it, planed it, etc!)
  6. DSCN3398[1].JPG

    Overview of my flight simulation & home office setup
  7. 20180210_204709.jpg

    Newly built 4D Famemaster Saturn V
  8. That's very good to hear, my man. Blessings to you, I hope you get on healthy past the ol' century mark!
  9. Thank you, my friend! Very glad to "see" you (posting, that is) again! How goes it with you? And to you and all yours, the very best of Christmas and a Happy New Year!
  10. Herr Olham, I hope I do not seem too forward, but try to take my advice, dear sir, and recall the Christmas of 1914. As to family squabbles - not only do I remember it, I am living it with several of my children. And you just never know... Their grandmother could pass away, for that matter any of us could. My door is open, but will they walk through it? Merry Christmas to you, and to one and all! May your homes be blessed with peace, love and hearty laughter, with good food, and great memories
  11. Sheesh, I can't keep up with things... Thanks , Olham for the recommendation up there a ways. What you illustrate there could be a flutter resulting from vortex shedding. If that connection point can pivot, it allows the flutter at a lower frequency than if they had made a stronger connection able to resist twisting. But that may have its own problems, who knows? They may have needed the flexibility for airframe twisting or shearing. But as well as vortex shedding, the faster you go, the more the streamlines want to "jump" that camber under the wing, as well, and perhaps that leads to buffeting as the flow comes "unglued" from the bottom of the wing - I'm not an aerodynamicist, but I've had some training that way. This whole thread is what scares me, though. By the time I can actually get some flying time, all of you good, knowledgeable, helpful and kind folks will have moved on to other things. Cie la vie, I guess, but gee willikers...
  12. I haven't "given up" on WOFF at all. I love the sim and the camaraderie; I disliked the move to SimHQ because it split us up. WOFF Forum members have been far and away the most genteel and likeable folks I've ever had the pleasure to deal with, and the sim, in my view is a work of art, historically reverent, and actually a valuable tool to teach youngsters with, if you can nab them. We all know this is no arcade game; if you cannot fly, if you don't know your craft, your opponent's craft, good tactics and airmanship, you're dead. It feels real, it brings in the deadly perspective, at least for me, of that awful moment when you realize you've ended another man's life - or that yours is about to end. Olham, I remember you writing about your satisfaction of bringing your wingman home; I haven't had the pleasure yet, it's all I can do to get my own tailfeathers home, and my campaign pilot hasn't even seen any combat yet! It amazes me how these guys even got to their assigned area and back, much less fought in these crates. But real life has been just ludicrously busy for me for a long time. I may snatch a few minutes here and there for a quick flight. I have a single "throwaway" pilot that I trained and am flying early in the war, but in those few quick moments I generally go QS, don't fly a full mission, and it doesn't get logged. I haven't been around here too much because it's tough to keep up with two fora when most of the "action" is over at the other, like it or not. I just hope that by the time life actually settles down for me, that we still have a solid core group of "good guys" to hang out with and swap the stories, of which I've seen so many; get help, etc, maybe even contribute something for once. I miss the action, to be sure. And it's quite natural, after all this time, for folks to move on. But I love the sim, and all the good people that inhabit these forums. Hauksbee, I remember our meet-up at Wright-Pat last year, with RAF_Louvert, Mike, Jenks, CW3SF, and all the others, good times! I hope we can do it again sometime. Best to you all, and Godspeed!
  13. I've missed seeing those! I'll try stopping by more often!
  14. TV? TV?! What about WOFF? HERESY! I present to you the Worlds' Shortest Poem: Fleas Adam had'em. I'll get my coat... I can see myself out...
  15. Olham, I like your theology! Hellshade, you make a good point too. For that matter, so does Hauksbee! And we must tread lightly for there is nothing to incite the passions and make enemies of friends, than a "discussion" of religion or the power vs the goodness of God. Hauksbee, if you have a chance, take some time and read a book by C. S. Lewis, called "The Problem of Pain" wherein a very bright man wrestles with that very problem. I am one of the few people, I think, who've ever read that book "backward" - not "God, if you love us, why do we suffer?", but "God, how could you have allowed me to cause such pain? why did you not stop me, even kill me?" By the time I got to the third chapter, I was bawling uncontrollably, which was awkward, because I was doing night shift on a job in New York City. & I'd be more than happy to discuss it with you privately.

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