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  1. Ubisoft

    I think it is simply this way: UBI puts x number of $ to the developers to develop and produce a product by a certain deadline - and by the looks of what carl said, will allow fixing of major bugs. We saw with IL2 that generally it was in good shape upon release, and we saw with LOMAC that it generally wasn't. I'd say part of the problem was the developer, and part the publisher, if the developer can't get it done in time and the publisher forces it out then the consumer loses. There's a lot of little polishing that could be done to LOMAC (adding a phone book like the one in falcon, netgraph to help troubleshoot, adding alternative graphics for those who have graphics cards that can't deal with method the effects were done with, use the workaround for sounds i mentioned to reduce the effects of the problematic sound engine), and some bigger stuff like redoing the mission creation system and loadouts systems that would have generally improved the sim's functionality and made it outstanding. 5 Months later and we're still seeing what is essentially development work being done - and without money coming in to pay to fix any bugs that appear due to this continuing development there's a good chance we're going to get stuck with problems - I just hope these problems aren't going to be the kind that breaks gameplay.
  2. thats the problems with hosting a site. i think this site is going to have to go less "graphical" in the not too distant future as it becomes more popular.
  3. A-10 in LOMAC is going to blow away SP3's A-10. Lots of complaints by hog drivers will be resolved with SP4, but without more exe modification we are stuck with what we have. Aeyes has nice pits, haven't checked lately but the 2d pits are ALWAYS crisper than 3d (lot less strain on a system). Aeyes made a great new 3d pit for the f-16 (high res) that matches his 2d one.
  4. not sure if you've played F4's matchplay, but it's hardly one step up from a furball ;) it would just be a set of meeting engagements between air superiority fighters - without the 20 minutes flying time or 60 minutes on CAP and with the guarantee of engaging the enemy :D engagements on the otherhand are the whole package - that is what I am trying to put together for an online miniwar.
  5. depends on what happens with LOMAC say, in 2-3 years.
  6. Hmm ..suxs to be you! my wife and I have an understanding, im the infamous panty burglar in my home... Bow chicka bow bowwww..... bump bump......Bow chika bow bow..... wifey KNOWS better ;)
  7. exactly, a set dogfight isn't airquake - that would be an engagement. stuff like IL2FB's dogfight servers are airquake. I hope there is something like Falcon4's matchplay - You choose sides then do your merge and fight until one team is wiped out then it restarts.
  8. no, it was said that the demo would be released this week - MAYBE. It's like having your wife strut around in front of you in lingerie, lead you to the bedroom, then turn the lights off and go to sleep. At no time did she say anything was going to happen for sure - but you'd still be somewhat pissed ;)
  9. actually, i think the petition WILL serve a purpose - free advertising ;)
  10. hmm.. doesn't seem to make much sense to me. I think sims NEED more time to have the word of mouth pass around - simply because less people play them than your average shooter. I think UBI's making a mistake with this.
  11. I don't agree with no dynamic campaign not mattering :) For people who aren't going to be able to play online, it's going to make a HUGE difference to them.
  12. I've been simming since F-15 strike eagle from microprose, i'd guess about 1984 or so. Online simming tends to be one of two things - airquake - proper missions. the airquake variety are the easiest to come across - and to tell you the truth airquaking in a prop sim is usually much better than in a jet sim - it requires more skill to do it in a prop as there is more to the flying. proper missions on the other hand are usually somewhat different ;) I've participated in VEF, Iron Skies and a couple of other online wars and i've seen a problem with all of them - trying to do TOO much. What i am hoping to put together is an engagement style online war - where a set of missions are created that are played much in the same style as say, a counterstrike mission. Squads will play against each other in these. Think of it as more of a "hand crafted" set of engagements than a full blown war. This will allow squads to train on these missions, come up with their tactics, and then execute the mission against a live enemy. I need to wait to get my hands on LOMAC before I can really figure out if it will be suitable for this sort of thing, and what KINDS of missions i can create in it but i am very hopeful. One thing i REALLY want to do is test the capacity of the multiplayer code - I want to ensure that every engagement is enjoyable for everyone - i am so sick to death of playing online sims where planes do crazy stuff.
  13. wifey... programming hotas... wifey... programming hotas. ah well, i'll see how much i can get done ;)
  14. it's all about having class. release it early and you get labelled as crapware shovellers, release it late and you get labeled as people with integrity that don't shovel crap.

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