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  1. I also had problems with this game. My pc crashed also everytime when i started the game. The solution for me whas to change the settings of my pc to the best perfomance,and that was it. Now the worke like a charme.
  2. Just had to post this joke.

    Good one,......lol.
  3. So it seems,i'm still not out of the woods with it. I can not get in to the flightengine.ddl to change it. I thing ,you guy's are gonna thingk i'm an idiot,but i'm just starting with this kind of work. I have used flight sims before ,but that was installing them and they flew,period. Bud Strike Fighters is to me a verry differend ballgame,still i'm verry eager to learn more about it. So forgive me my stupidiness,and be pacient with me.
  4. Lots of thanks for the tips PG Raptor and USAFMTL ,i was on the verge of smakking my pc against the wall,but i'm over it again and will trie your tips right now. I hope to see you soon in the sky in my brand new Tornado (lol). Lots of greets and thanks, aggressor.
  5. Wel ,i don't get it anymore. Is there any body who can help me out here. I've just installed the Tornado add on to my SFG folder,and evrything looked fine ,bud when i start the game up and select the Tornado the stops and i get and error message. Can somebody help me to fix that. I have also problems to isntall F16 those don't even come in the list after i installed them. F14's for example are working verry good. What te hell am i doing wrong ????????????????????
  6. Thank you Verry much for the tip USAFMTL. See you on the battlefield......lol.
  7. I'm a new SFG user,and i'm wondering if i can use aircraft carriers to in SFG ,or dose it only work with SFP ??? If it can be don ,can anyone explane to me how to install them. I've tried once already but it din't work.
  8. I'm new at SFP,but the F-18 and his update were the first things i addit to my version of SF. And i have to say,it blew my mind. Unbelieveble................... Keep up the good work.

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