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  1. Good day to the OBD support Guru's, This may seam like a very petty ?, but I see many (several) members still posting on CombatAce. Will our account/agreement with them cease at a date certain? This is somewhat confusing as to where to post. Also, will the posting data/history be exported to SimHQ? Thanks for ALL you do for us, Luther1517
  2. Off Topic: Good Read

    CaptSopwith, Hope you do enjoy it as much as I am. It gives a unique perspective on The Great War; one that is seldom considered. I never knew how many high to mid level ranking British officers were either dismissed or displaced due th their German heritage or ancestry. To bad Kitchener did not have access to Ancestry.com back then. Have a great summer. Luther1517
  3. Off Topic: Good Read

    I have always had the utmost confidence in you, Oham. BTW, did you get my PM?
  4. Greeting to everyone! I have not had the opportunity to visit this (or any other forum) for months now due to "domestic matters" and a major cross country move. BTW, I just noticed our new forum home @ SimHQ...I hope the transition goes smoothly (I am still waiting for my profile to be approved). Anyhow, I recently found a very interesting and well written book by Christoper Duffy: 'through German eyes: The British and the SOMME 1916 (2006). Duffy has done a great job of researching this book, and it is an easy read. He looks at the German Intel procedures during WWI and their fascination with British "home life", as well as military matters, as obtained through PO W's. Duffy also paints a complete portrait of the cosmopolitan make-up of the World before WWI and the "cross cultural" nature of the combatants. It is an extremely objective view, from both sides of 'No Man's Land', during WWI. I am no book or literary scholar, but I think it makes a great addition to any Military History library. ISBN-13 978 0 297 84689 5 ISBN-10 0 297 84689 2 Best regards, Luther1517
  5. To be honest with you, I thought the CFS3 CD # 2 was so severly scratched that it would not run properly. Now I read here that the CFS3 CD is not even needed for OFF to run....So much for MY trouble shooting skills. The black/white sound page did give me a small light bulb, then when I read the reference to the sound card setting on the MS support board, it gave me a staring point. I am also running a Creative Labs add-on app Volume Panel .exe that conrtols the I/O settings and Modes. I had no idea that enhacning the bit rate and samplng depth would hang an APP...Live and Learn
  6. Like my old man used to say "Even a blind pig will find an acorn if he roots around long enough"........oink....oink The villain was a setting within the sound/headphone card set-up (Creative Labs Fatal1ty X-Fi). A check-box for 'Hardware Acceleration' was checked. I unchecked that, which reduced the sampling rate bit depth to 24 bit, 48000 Hz (default) from the 24 bit, 192000 Hz I was using while making DVD/CD copies for people over Christmas. It seemed odd that CFS3 would hang on the black/white title screen with the radio noise, now I know why. I happened to find a reference to this HW Acceleration check-box on a MS support forum for CFS3 under MS Games---who would have thunk it? Thanks to everyone here who took the time to respond with ideas and thoughts. See ya in the funnies...
  7. That's what I thought as well, Lou, but every thing ran fine as of 4 months ago (last time I started CFS3 of OFF). I did not have to make any changes when I first installed CFS3 to Win7-64, so why is it got the Funk now? Seems almost like a video issue....Since it loads fine, and FlightSimX works fine. Something with the video or DirectX is not letting it play correcty. Maybe one of the Support Guru's at OBD will have some ideas??
  8. Greetings Folks (It's been awhile) Running Win7-64 for over a year, OFF BHaH WAS running great. This is the damnest thing..... I have not been able to do much "flying" the past few months, and when I went to start BHaH, the title page came up, then a blue/white box appeared "CFS3 has stopped working and will now shut down". What?? So I closed OFF, and tried to start CFS3 (with CD 2 in the drive), the title page came up, then the black and white title page with radio noise, then lock-up. I click the mouse button and return to the main title page, the the same blue/while error box. Nothing has change on my system that I know of....Same video drivers, secutiy software, ect. The CFS3 CDs were over 5 y/o and kind of scratched, so I spent $10 on new set. Still no go, even after completely removing CFS3 and OFF and restarting. CFS3 installs fine. I made the changes in the short-cut properties and updated the DirectX drivers. I am stumpped. What the *#@$#@ is keeping CFS3 from starting after it loads fine? I have even tried to look-up some of my old um, aquaintainces over at SOH for help. One thing I am not sure of: In the short-cut for CFS3, the "Target" box reads: Program files\Microsoft Games\...While the "Start in" box reads: "C:\Program Files(x86)\Microsoft Games\.... Does this make a difference? It did not before Any Ideas?? System: Intel Quad i7 860 Win7-64 ATI 5800 8 G RAM
  9. Padfoot, P2 was offered as a free download as was P1. The only was to get P2 is from another forum member, but P2 is no longer supported here, so you will be on your own if the s**te hits the fan, so to speak. My old room-mate (Barnstorm) had P2 and got me hooked on this WWI flying and I am very grateful. You MUST have CFS3 installed to run BHaH--that is the "engine", if you will. Like others here have said, read the FAQs...You will not be sorry for making the modest investment in CFS3 and BHaH. This is the most realistic, immersing flight sim on the market...And the best bunch of blokes around the world to hang out with you can find.
  10. Padfoot, And BTW, OFF is the ONLY flight sim with this kind of GREAT forum support. You will never be at a loss for opinions and answers. They may not be what you want to hear, but do expect for "free".
  11. Win7-64 system Fixed

    That's it. just follow the link I posted and hit "Download"> "install" . Make sure you close all other apps when instaling. It does not say to "Restart" after installing, but I do just make sure it registers.
  12. Win7-64 system Fixed

    Olham, I just went to the MS link I posted...Vista is listed as a supported OS. If you already have the files, they will only be over-written. It's totally up to you, in my humble opion, it should not do any harm to install the update. On the other hand, like my dad would say, "She had worts". Oh, well, if your system is running fine "Don't mess with Happy". I think Gumpy said that.
  13. Win7-64 system Fixed

    CFS3 did not like Win7 64-bit (new install) at all. So, OFF did not run well under it either---at least with my system and vidcard. After I installed the update, everthing runs just like it did under WinXP.....(so far). I will keep everyone posted on the adventures of Flying BH&H under Win7-64. Stay tuned. My system: Intel Core i7 860 Quad Core, 2.8Ghz =, 8MB L3 Cache, Socket 1156 ASUS P7P55D Motherboard ATX 8 GB Mushkin DDR3 PC3-10666 (13333Mhz) System RAM ATI Radeon HD5850 1GB Video Card 750W Corsair PS, 140mm fan, active PFC Seagate 1TB HD x3 RAID 5 Win7-64bit OS
  14. Hee, Hee, I know what you meant. What I meant to say was "inhabited, not civilized....populated, not regulated". We are the last really Free state in the Union. The Federal Govt and its agents need an official invitation to enter Montana on State business.
  15. Win7-64 system Fixed

    Olham, I think that depends on the OS you are running. In my case, the new install of Win7 did not contain all of the 'old' DirectX9 files req'd by CFS3 and OFF. If you are running WinXP SP3 and all is well, you should be fine. This update should only be needed by folks running Wni7 and Vista. That's my impression, but I yeild to better minds on the subject.... Ah, as I speak, Her Propwashe has the floor....

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