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  1. I have FS2K. FS2004 doesn't look much different. Is it worth buying?
  2. On SimHQ I have seen threads with pictures of new pilot helmets for the Migs. Does anyone have any idea where to get these? I can't join SimHQ because I don't have an email address that they like. They won't allow Hotmail or Yahoo accounts for "security" reasons. Anyone heard of these new helmets? Propjob
  3. Ranger, take a deep breath...DanW is one of the GOOD GUYS. Prop
  4. How do you install the cockpits, I couldn't quite figure that out. Propjob
  5. Thanks Rat. I'm assuming that you mean by 'identical' that if I have the VF-96 skin, then the other player has to have it too and that his folder must be named identical to mine? Prop
  6. Is it possible to use addon skins in multiplayer? Propjob
  7. TK, I've noticed CTD when I had someone locked up on radar and fired a missle, it crashed as I fired. Other times there didn't seem to be anything specific going on. Also, I have had two or three CTD that took me right back to the Gamespy lobby only to be confronted by an ad. So, I don't know if the ad triggered it or if it was purely concidence. I'm also hoping you'll improve the top speed of the A4, if I can throw that in. AND VERY NICE GAME! In some respects, particularly the era and the jet's beautiful graphics, I feel that this is the game I've waited 12 years for. I really love P1 and think it's going to be one of the better games of all time when all is said and done. Propjob

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