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  1. In IL-2 Forgotten Battles, if you throttle jam with the Me-262, the engines catch on fire, but not really stall. Is that a realistic interpretation of what would happen or would it just stall? I think the reason the engines caught on fire was the rapid increase in thrust with the afterburners caused it to ignite.
  2. This is a theoretical situation. This isn't referring to real life situations where wind resistance would be a factor as well as some other factors. This is the Strike Fighters Project 1 simulator, which is a theoretical simulator, not a real one. As far as Wings over Vietnam, Wings of Israel and the other simulators, I don't know because I haven't used this equation in them yet. If anyone would like to tell me how well it works, it would be appreciated. I understand that you're not trying to shoot me down and I'm going to answer your questions. I am talking about static targets, when it comes down to mobile targets such as ships or vehicles, if you have the same heading as them, add their velocity to your velocity, if they're heading is 180° difference, subtract their velocity from your velocity. This is a theoretical situation. The simulator includes an option in the Options menu to select the units you are using as mentioned before, I stated to convert your units to metric. The simulator provides an exact definition of your altitude, velocity, and distance from the waypoint which is located directly above the target as far as the simulator goes, located in the top left corner of the screen. I understand that in reality, it would be a whole lot different. This is a theoretical situation. As far as getting closer, I wouldn't want to risk my neck if there's a lot of AA down there. It's not worth risking your life for. This if for the people who are interested in hitting their targets without leaving their comfort zone in the sky. I also understand that there are LGB and LGRs. This isn't for those types, they guide themselves. "If in other sciences, we should arrive at certainty without doubt and truth without error, it behooves us to place the foundations of knowledge in mathematics." - Roger Bacon
  3. I'm taking physics in my senior year of high school now and we're on trajectories. I threw this equation into SFP1 and it worked well. If you want to drop bombs the old fashion way, here is how to solve it. Note: -Wind resistance is not a factor -For this to work, you have to put SFP1 in METRIC. The gravity equation I have works in METRIC only. 1. Take your altitude and multiply it by 2. Then divide that by 9.81. Then do the square root of that number. It'll give you the amount of time it takes for the bomb to hit the ground. 2. Calculate your speed in meters per second. To do so, take your kph and multiply it by 1000, then divide that new number by 3600. 3. Take your distance from the waypoint (IN METERS) directly above the target and divide it by your speed in m/s to get the time it will take for you to get to the waypoint. 4. Subtract the amount of time it takes for the bomb to hit the ground from step 1. Then, multiply it by your speed again. 5. The new number you get should be how far you must travel to get to the dropping point, subtract the distance you are from the waypoint by the new number. That will give you how far you must be from the waypoint to drop the bomb. 6. If it makes you feel better, divide it by 1000 to get it in Kilometers. Here's an example: Altitude: 3000 m Waypoint = 42 KM Velocity: 850 kph 1. 3000x2= 6000 6000/9.81 = 611.62 \/611.62 = 24.73 seconds 2. 850x1000 = 850,000 850,000/3600 = 236.11 m/s 3. 42x1000 = 42,000 meters 42,000/236.11 = 177.88 seconds away from waypoint 4. 177.88 - 24.73 = 153.15 seconds until you can drop the bomb 5. 153.15 x 236.11 = 36,160.25 meters until you can drop the bomb 42,000 - 36,160.25 = 5,839.75 Meters from the waypoint 6. 5,839.75 / 1000 = 5.84 Kilometers away from waypoint. Hope this helps anyone. Good luck and good hunting. =] guidance.bmp
  4. I just got a new computer, and I looked in the Modern Aircraft/A-10. I did'nt see the A-10 but later I found it two versions of it. I guess things are just a little out of order for now. You might have to search around a little
  5. So wait, this is like having a camera on the missile or bomb right? If so, does anything think it is possible to make laser guided bombs and tv guided bombs actually guided by you to a ground target? That would be AWESOME!!!
  6. Looking for something to make?

    The guy who was talking about it on National Geographic said that this is what most americans in the Nevada desert were seeing. They werent seeing an alien space craft from space. But I dont know, I have a feeling it exsists. I might get 3D studio max soon because my friend Kirk does 3D graphics and he might get it for me for a birthday gift. Can't wait to start modeling! If I ever get there...
  7. Wheres the aircraft model? These are just skins right? Is there somewhere I can download the plane?
  8. oooo yay Cant wait to use the SU-27.
  9. Looking for something to make?

    Ok, If I could get 3Ds Max, I would be making this myself. I saw it first on National Geographic. This is a "flying saucer" and its only use is recon. Its also somewhat "Top Secret" even though someone somehow obtained these pictures. If you are pioneering 3D studio max, this would be a somewhat easy model for you. All the info I have on it is that there are three sizes of it, the largest is 119ft wide. They travel at speed up to Mach 2 and they are stealth. Here are some pictures.
  10. The War In Israel

    Ok, thanks. I knew they were flying American made jets such as the F-15 and F-16 but I didnt know about the Mirage. It would be nice to have an Israeli vs. Lebanon strike mission.
  11. The War In Israel

    Recently, (Last week) A war broke out in the middle east between Israel and Lebanon. I've been keeping my eye on this war since it started. Watching artillery strikes and bombing raids. Anybody have any idea what aircrafts they are using in their strikes on Lebanon? This picture is of an Israeli airstrike against a bridge in Lebanon.
  12. I dont know if this is smart but when I find a SAM launched, I head towards it and do quick manuvers and they seem to always miss. Kinda crazy but it works for me... And wouldnt it be a good idea to make stealth planes such as the F-117 Nighthawk so the SAMs are still there but its harder for them to lock onto you. I'd love to see some stealth's in this game.
  13. Glad it's back

    YAY! I thought the site was down for good. Glad its back up. THANK YOU GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!!

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