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  1. Hilarious!!!

    yup AMD RULeZ!
  2. Hilarious!!!

    OMFG! ROLF!! i just read that almost fell out my chair laughing. this has got to be the epitomy of misinformed, uneducated stereotype trolling parent I have ever seen. not only did he mispell LINUX! but managed to distastefully label a hacker as a raver, one of the posters were right, hackers are too busy to be fashionably "coordinated". Secondly AMD is cause for alarm?what process manufacturing company do you know has sweatshops with children milling out processors that actually strictly require "clean rooms" in order to manufacture processors, and chips down hundredreths of a micron in size.DOnt get me started on the other crap about quake, I dont know about u im far too busy fraggin the other guy too be carrying a indepth conversation about hacking techniques. i couldnt stop laughing reading this slop. Not only was I amused and in stitches but I was simultaneously insulted. I sit my head in shame for the parents that are actually like this, and i feel sorry for that kid who has to live with day in and day out with his parent. I really hope this is a prank article, cause god help this individual who wrote it, i think we all need to pray for him LMAO. ohhhh im on quake, im hacking away doing nefarious activities in the late night with pepsi cheesy poofs and tacky baggy pants and glow sticks!! stop me im a pyscho~ lol raptor thanx for that article man i needed that
  3. Modelling Mayhem

    skater id advise u to lock this post up, cause its gonna get dirty real quick. cause they are going places they dont wanna go.
  4. Modelling Mayhem

    armor i handed it to him cause it was his!! fool i knew it was a "good thing" cause i had no time to do it "my work" meaning the tweaks and adjustments i did and texturing i did!! is that better or should i break out the chalkboard and draw things out? u guys are a bunch of lunkheads! lol
  5. Modelling Mayhem

    hell no u did not say i am like DO! i never used any 3d model and said it was my own!! only thing i was guilty for was not clarifying about the CV41 model and where i stand in its development, that is what confused Beer thinking I was using his model, i merely cleared that up I am doing a model from scratch! but im a poser??? knee-grow please!! maybe i didnt bring out 90 models like you!!(i do have a life and bills to pay sorry about that cant be helped) or others but i tried my best to do for this game, and help out with what little i did. but you know what its okay, im not sweating it. Cause I know I am no poser. Whatever DO did is what he did, i never did anything along those lines! so get ya facts straight fool!
  6. Modelling Mayhem

    never said i started a software company only that one of my friends did , only that i was joining NYPD and that i had no time to finish it. BUt no matter, this is what i get for trying to correct someone for saying i was using their work, and all the stuff i said is yes the truth, whether or not u admit it is. lessens the quality? yeah in "my opinion" emphasis on the word opinion dude! when you go a person doing 20 million projects yeah something is gonna be overlooked, just like i did with a few projects. As far as me being inaccurate,excuse me If i have stuff I have to do that interferes with me being 'accurate" I was going off little help from you guys which i asked for on endless times with no response from anyone who knew of resources for planes or schematics, or blueprints etc., other than the complaining of when its gonna be out. But you know what it doesnt really matter anymore, this what i get for correcting someone and not clarifying certain points, then "certain' people wanna backlash on me for saying what i feel and what i saw or in this case read. i handed my model bare to chicago cause i didnt want to use my work, or have it intefere withothers work. that way they had a bare base model to go from if they wanted to work on it. But ill admit i could of done more with the model than what i did. but still giving back a model unfinished is not good, id rather give a model bare for someone in case they have a different way of modeling, or texturing or better yet, are better than me in texturing and modeling to begin with. looks like it turned out to be a good thing since the A-6 is on its way to getting finished. "oh thats not true Fu you cheeky f**ker(<--laughs at this term) blah blah blah"", well it is, i rememeber from the posts that Ive read fopr like what? year? two years? and have kept up on in the recent past. In any event... Dont turn this intoo a flame war guys please I havent time to argue with you guys. Enjoy your game, your models, some of you do great models and I have respect for the hardwork you do, i have no respect for others however who jump on a post and talk smack to a person like they are back in junior high school. grow up and learn to debate like a normal adult. ps..why do i feel more is coming...
  7. Modelling Mayhem

    well first of all whatever, second however the point i was making is that I wasnt taking any credit for peoples work,namely beers I corrected beer in his assumption that i was using his work( due in part my lack of clarification), i merely wanted to clear up his error that I wasnt using his original model cause i know he did alot of work to get the concept of importing models and its not my place or preference to use peoples work although i will admit i shouldnt released the model I textured in that i apologize to beer I should of asked for his permission. as far as the A-6? I was merely reinerating what Beer was trying to compare me to doing what DO was doing nothing more. whether or not its a new one its still not done I would of liked to see it done, I had my reasons for not finishing (NYPD training) so lets say u not get all winded and upset over my error about who did what and how they did it, sorry for being human and having a lapse of memory on who did what and when. when i said "handed off" I talking about giving up my place as the person who was "tweaking" the A-6. SO before u get all "menstrual" lets just leave it at this as I wanted to correct beer on that nothing more. But my adding in the A-6 was another example of that i wasnt using people work and being compared to such. Fullyear? well guess what it was damn near close and it yet to be finished.Tick tock bub tick tock. But In both models I merely extending my services to help get it out though it didnt work that way. nothing more nothing less, dont look into something thats not there bub. im not here to argue so lets leave this post alone.
  8. Modelling Mayhem

    not to worry Beer im definitely redoing it from scratch, even started a USS TRUMAN CVN-75 as well. so dont cringe, maybe i should been more specific when i stated that,basically trashed the old model a long time ago, started a new one almost a year ago. So no need to get bring the "legal sobriety" hammer on me now. Im not doing your model didnt want anyone to get all upset i was using "your" work, cause i figured that what you are posting now would happen, and so it has come to past. So dont take it the wrong way. --as far as DO i dont know anything of that since i havent been on SIMHQ in such a long time, kinda foul if he did that. But since i handed off that A-6 intruder to (forgot who) to finish, and surprised when i saw a year later it wasnt finished, Hell i could of been finished it long before that lol. kinda a bad choice on my part to hand it off to people who do 20 million other projects, kinda lessens the quality in my opinion, but only time will tell i guess. SO i think i should of completed the A-6 Intruder oh well should of could of but didnt. ps. once again dont worry none of your work is being abused.
  9. Wings of War Demo

    heres my opinion... uh.... LAME!!! lol majorly L-A-M-E!! lol i feel as if i dirtyed my computer with this game lol. no offense to others that think otherwise.hell i cant even u my flightstick.
  10. Wings of War Demo

    im downloading it myself gonna check it out.
  11. is WINGS OVER VIETNAM in any relation to SFP1? or an adaptation? or a completely seperate game? Looks promising with the carrier ops screenshots i saw. but I didnt like the old SFP1 terrain, which kinda bummed me out was kinda like okay looks like SFP1 in a new wrapper. But then again i could be wrong. this should finally give me a chance to finish my Midway CV-41 version 2 finally. Well lets hope for the best, and see what happens over the next few weeks or months.
  12. MOH:Pacific Assult

    got a point there im hurtin for BIA myself
  13. MOH:Pacific Assult

    well its still early, so once the full game comes out i think we can definitely decide and compare pros and cons of both this game and COD. but if you think about it, there is no real comparsion on gameplay cause both games take place thousand of miles apart not to mention a couple years apart. I'm not saying i dont love COD i do, but so far MOH not only looks better, but plays a bit easier, while simple interface is a bit more realistic and you have more control of your squad where as COD you dont they are basically independent of you regardless of what you do, not to mention if your ass is in the fire and injured in COD you cant expect someone in your squad to help you out. it may seem they are helping you they are merely engaging the enemy, where as in MOH:PA they actively and vocally engage your position to heal you, cover you when your ass is in the fire. I also like the fact that based on your performance and behavior is progressive, meaning when u do good, your squad mates are more responsive and morale is up, and visa versa they are less responsive less aggressive and tend not to engage the enemy face to face. well its still early as of yet, but i played enough WWII games to realize there is something to keep an eye on with this game.
  14. MOH:Pacific Assult

    i was playing it yesterday and today. absolutely awesome game. i was playing it at 1280x1024 maxxed out. definitely pays to have a dx 9 card. Im definitely going to buy this game. you guys really need to download this demo. yeah its a bit heavy at 534 mb but it is worth it. the graphics, environment, jungle vegetation, the phenomenal attention to detail like the morphine shot, the powder the cogulates the blood to reduce bleeding, the squad system which allows for advancement, cover fire, suppression fire, and flanking manuvers, and form on leader tactics, the AI soldiers you fight with have life in them, they react and act realistically as well as retreat or advance realistically based on your performance at shooting accuracy and overall agrressive behavior.the fog of war is definitely there youll find your self shooting at random occasionally having your soldiers going in your line of fire, forcing you to think before you shoot, using your environment in order to overtake the enemy in their position. the enemy AI is top notch as they will form squads and flanking manuvears in order to get a better angle on your current position they react boldy if you arent shooting accurately or falling back constantly, as well as on the other end of the spectrum will call for assistance or charge u in their famous banzi charge as a last attempt to take you out. If this demo is any indication of whats to come? i think we are gonna have a absolute blast this coming month or 2 when it comes out. People gonna say what about COD COD WHo? COD is a bold awesome game but this game thus far puts to shame COD not only with graphical prowess, but Intelligent AI, squad tactics, reaction action behavior based on the current situation, oh they definitely throw back grenades so id advise you to cook those nades so they are less likely to pick them up, also i found if they dont have enough to pick up that grenade they jump out the way as fast as possible. there is so much to say about this demo, but lets wait til the game actually comes out. I am definitely buying this game, i think it will be my next piece of virtual crack to gnaw on for the next couple weeks or more both on single player and multiplayer cause if they AI is any indication, the single player campaign will be different every time, with mutliple outcomes. GET the demo thats all i can say. i hope u have a good system, it says 2 ghz with 512 MB ram, and 128 MB of video memory DX8/DX9 card but i found it plays awesome if you have a 3 GHZ PEntium 4 or a 3200+ AMD ( 64 bit will only improve performance but not a requirement) 1 GB of DDR with a 9700 pro or above or a nvidia 5900 or above which explains my playing it at 1280x1024 ( also higher the refresh rate is important experiment with it) well thats all for now have fun and lets see some pics people. :ph34r: :P :D my system 3200+ xp AMD 1.5 GB PC3200 DDR400 2.5 latency ocz memory copper heatsinks ATI 9800 PRO 128 380/680mhz (oc'ed to 420/730mhz) ocz bga copper heatsinks Audigy 2 LZ Gamer thermal take Volcano 12 extreme
  15. Some British Ships

    Awesome work guys. keep it up. very detailed ship renderings. all of us are eagerly awaiting more of your work. good luck on the game dev. -dark

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