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  1. AAO 2.0

    Why would anyone want an AK over an M-16A2 or M-4?
  2. N00bs, They Are The Best !!!

    "You are all nothing but grabasstic pieces of NOOBian bulls**t". LOL Believe me when i tell you, i don't even need to see the vids. REAL privates do the same thing, with the added excitement of it being real ordnance....
  3. Welcome Our New Newsdesk Editors

    Welcome aboard!
  4. Anyone Here Have The Title?

    Fleet Command is a bear to get installed and operating properly. Read the NWP read me very carefully.
  5. Looking For Feedback

    Thanx for the comments and high praise. I will make sure your kind words are passed onto the boss over there.
  6. Half-life2 Source Code Leaked

    It's idiots like these guys that take the joy out of online FPS gaming. I mainly only play FPS multiplayers on LAN games, cause i know what all my machines are running, lol. Nothing worse than a bunny hopping dweeb with an aimbot...
  7. As some of you are aware, i am the lead designer for the NWP Fleet Command add ons. We are currently mulling whether or not to release a v17.0 addon. The question is, when H4 hits the shelves, will anyone still be playing Fleet Com? So basicly, i am looking for feedback as to whether it would be worth the effort to release a new version of FC, or just skip it due to the release of H4. Thanx Simmers.
  8. Even more Aircraft!!!

    Umm, the Yak-141 isn't being produced anywhere, unless i've missed something.
  9. AA

    Sounds great. Once i've found my way around here i'll definitely take you up on the offer. :) It will be interesting to see how effectively things like bound and overwatch, recon by fire, grazing fire, and base of fire work in the game. So far, OFP is the best at capturing real time squad level tactics i've played, but it is still lacking in some key elements. The biggest thing missing from OFP was the absence of artillery. The vast majority of inorganic fire support a platoon will recieve is arty fires.
  10. Sorry, still trying to get up to speed here. In any case, it's beautiful work. ;)
  11. best mission for OFP ever?

    Dead by dawn was an excellent mission. I really enjoy making missions for OFP, but unfortunately, the last HD crash ate em all.
  12. AA

    Jesus, this is one big down load. Heard a lot about this one, but havn't screwed with it yet(cause it is such a big download), but, it's DLing now.
  13. I tend to agree, but if you can get people to pay for your work..... why not?

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