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  1. Demo

    Those manufactures don't make the graphics chip they buy it from Nvidia. Just like manufactures that make graphics cards based on the 9600Pro buy this chip from ATI. (ATI also makes its own cards based on that chip) That chip is the most important part of the card.
  2. Thanks for the explanation but I still have some questons. :) Is there a total G's measurement in a cockpit (independant of direction) For example if a figther lands/takes-off on a carrier than according to the definition the the G forces will be more or less zero because the blood wont go up or down. (but the horizontal acceleration wil be big) So if he lands/crash on the carier does it register anywere can we see that anywere and were can we find these measurements in LOMAC? If a pilot talks about 5G's does he/she mean the total G's?
  3. Could someone explain/confirm the difference between pos. and neg. G forces. I assume pos G is when your blood goes to your legs and neg G if it goes to your head. and what are the pos and neg maximums for the human body?
  4. Demo

    Hi, Yes the 9600Pro is a RADEON from ATI If it is faster? I don't know. if I have to make a guess I would say probably a few frames slower than yours but the image quality will most likely be better and DX9 games (lomac isn't) will be faster with the 9600Pro. about your confusion: Asylum is the name the manufacturer gives it http://www.bfgtech.com/ and 5600 ultra is a reference to the graphics chip on it that Nvidia makes. The number is the type of chip and the Ultra means it's faster clocked than the 5600. PNY verto is the name of an other manufacturer.
  5. Demo

    You sure don't waste time :) It doesn't make much difference with a Ti4200 so keep what you have now. The GF4-Ti4200 is a bit cheaper. (because it doesn't support DX9) I would only swap your card with a 9600Pro if the price is the same. one other thing there is a new 9600XT that comes with a HL2 CD for free but isn't out yet. If you are planning to buy half life2 anyway then this could easy compensate for the more price also around 200$ I think. It won't give you a much better LOMAC speed but DX9 games will run good. DX9 games on a 5600ultra won't be that good.
  6. Demo

    To be honest, Yes you did wast 100dollar. :( If you don't know anything about it then do yourself a favour and check some reviews on the net. If you still can return your card do it, say that it was a mistake. I wouldn't even recommend the 5600 to anyone. I think the best performance for the money would be a Ti4200(128MB) for you. (very good cards are not cheap) It will still not be very good but you should have about twice what you have now. But if you are willing to give a bit more money so you can also play DX9 games (like HL2) then a 9600Pro is probably a good choice. The LOMAC performance won't be much different than the ti4200 though. The image quality will be better with the 9600Pro. The best card you can get at the moment is the ATI 9800XT but very expensive. The second best choice is the 9800Pro.
  7. Demo

    I think no heat blur is a limitation of your card. (if it is a FPS killer then no one will keep it on) what frame rate do you have now? Start A10 mission en press S after that moment what is your framerate? I have an 1800+ 384MB GF4 Ti4600 (128mb) and I get: (medium settings) A10: 21FPS everything above 20FPS is playable :) (there are frame drops though)
  8. Thanks, I changed it. :) This board is sooo much better than the one they have at UBI. :) and it runs a lot faster than the previous one, at least for me. :)
  9. Nice new forum layout. But I liked the sky blue more from the beginning. what is the difference between topic desription and topic title? (well I guess I will find out soon)
  10. thanks for the info anyway :) When I bought it my PC was too slow so I never really did the training missions (except a few) it even crashed when I enabled 32bit. I have a faster PC now but the framerates are still not how I would like them to be. max 30fps with shocks in it. I hope LOMAC will give a more constant framerate on my system.
  11. Uuummm, this will probalby sound stupid but: How do you fly a MIG29 with Flanker2.5 ??
  12. You can also fly an A-10A, F15C, Mig29, SU-25 So it would be a bit stupid to call it 'Flanker'
  13. Thanks for your reaction MadJeff. I must say the ground looks a lot better than what I hoped. :) (well, at least that part of the ground)
  14. It looks quite random, in the other shots I found it (more) easy to see a pattern.
  15. Hi, Could you make a few screenshots of the same ground view from different altitudes. (display altitude) There is a great shot here: http://forums.ubi.com/messages/message_vie...e=1&direction=0 but we would like confirmation that it's a real screenshot of LOMAC or a manipulated one. Thanks :)

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