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  1. Thrustmaster HOTAS Warthog

    I preordered one from Amazon.co.uk yesterday, considering that it is just 200dkr more expensive than the HOTAS Cougar I have no problems with it's price. Another thing about it's sturdyness it should be a vast improvement over the Cougar is the lack of pots. Quoted from Steve Davies over at DCS the stick is a lot better than the Cougar and even better than the CH gear that I am using at the moment. My two main reasons for getting this is the dual throttle, and the plug & play (or plug & pray if you like) features for the upcoming DCS: A-10C. I will off course post some impressions when it is released. Cheers Staffan
  2. My condolences for his family, his work was all first class, a true and sad loss for the community, my prayers go to his family. Staffan
  3. English Version of Black Shark released on ED Site

    I had the russian version, then decided (yeah my wife graciously allowed me) to buy the english version, I do like the training tracks (featuring none other than Matt himself) also more missions included and as the russian version no issues whatsoever with SF. Staffan
  4. "Follow On my Wing"

    "I think my crew Chief is holding out on me!!" Staffan
  5. Worst Modeling Experience

    Having finished a 1:96 scale model of the Cutty Sark, taking it to it's future place on the shelved I tripped and landed on the model... binned the lot, all masts were snapped and bend out of shape.... I have never attempted a tall ship since. Staffan
  6. Whatcha building right now?

    KA-50, F-14A, Hmmwv, Leopard 2A5, M-1A2 SEP and a mixed bag of napoleonic gaming miniatures in 15mm scale Staffan
  7. VF-111 Sundowners

    Good job Paul... That is IMHO the most beautiful of all classic planes, the last Cat.. Kinda tempts me to get my rear in gear and get to work on my Hase. 1:48th scale -14A Pacific fleet squadrons kit
  8. Tank round question

    That's the M1028 (IIRC) it's a modern cannister round for the M256 120mm gun on the M-1 series, it was rushed into service so it can be and has been used in Iraq. Staffan
  9. a few images

    Just wanted to show a few projects that I have finished when I'm not fooling with sims F-100D from the RDAF as above Bismarck under construction Another angle And a few of my wife's work F-4U1A VF-17 a fes SdKFz 234's in various configurations Cheers Staffan
  10. Superbowl Flyover Contest

    Edited because we should be posting answers in a PM instead of publicly. -Skater
  11. Merry Christmas

    Merry christmas to you all. Staffan
  12. Soldner Released In Europe

    I just bought Soldener, however my experience so far is very negative and that's not even because of the game, first cd was scratched and I got a new one, second the CD key has failed to work so I'm still waiting to give it a go.... Still I think the idea behind the game is brilliant. Cheers Staffan
  13. Speaking solely for the SP part in my opinion it has improved greatly, I like CCRP mode on the A-10, and I like the more realistic armament for the SU-27 (which still is my all time favourite plane). Also I have had a great increase in FPS but my rig is kinda modest 1.2 Ghz AMD and 512 MB ram, assisted by a GForce 5600 Ultra on a A7nx8 MBoard. Just my not so humble input! <_< Cheers Staffan
  14. Long Time No See

    Takker Ghostdog, godt at se en til der spiller LO:MAC/LO:ACS hre i det lille land mod nord. Thanks MJ, also thanks for having the old Strike Fighters files back. Regards Staffan
  15. Long Time No See

    I think I'll just pop in here and greet every one ehre new aswell as themore seasoned vets of this place, I have recently moved in with my fiance and haven't had much time for the internet, also I have been spending some time getting used to some new stuff at work. :ph34r: To kep it simple, Howdy, mighty fine to be back here! :D Regards Staffan

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