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  1. Hey guys - was wondering if there are any updates on this?
  2. I have done a lot of research on the A/F-X and found the below article previously. For some background as we await this aircraft from Julhelm I wanted to show how close (or not) the Navy actually was to choosing A/F-X. With the Clinton Administration's Bottom Up Review pending, Secretary of Defense Les Aspin stated courtesy of Defense Daily, April 2, 1993; "What we have in the Navy tactical air programs is a jumble of competing planes and competing philosophies," Aspin told the Senate Armed Services Committee. "One or more will be out." From the same article : "Of the Pentagon's four major tactical aircraft programs, two are Navy aircraft. The A/FX, which is in the concept stage and the F/A-18E/F, which is in the development phase. The Navy is basically married to these two aircraft, but a major Pentagon weapons review may force the service to pick one aircraft over the other or face having the decision made for it." As history showed, the Super Bug was the compromise and safer choice of the Navy. Imagine what the fleet would look like with the A/F-X in its carrier wings. Would certainly have been a mighty fine sight.
  3. I hear ya. I have a bunch of virtual Naval Aviators that keep peeking at the hangar doors waiting for this baby to roll out
  4. Strongly aree with you on that. I have done a lot of research on this proposal and it definitely had a LOT of potential. The last chance to save this program was probably the infamous Bottom Up Review (BUR) in the summer of 1993. From what I have discovered from the archives of Defence Weekly and Flight Journal, whispers from Les Aspin prior to the BUR indicated the Navy could possibly make a choice between A/F-X and Super Hornet, and as we all know the Super Hornet mafia was one of the strongest in recent Naval history and the Super Bug went forward. Also at this point talk of the JAST (eventually JSF) was just beginning. Too bad NAVAIR didn't throw its lot in with a future deck of A/F-X and JSF. What a sight that would have been. At least I can populate my flight decks now with what I feel shoud have been!
  5. Excellent news. I was hoping you would stay close to Lockheed's proposal for the A/F-X. Thanks for the update Julhelm. Now lets get this baby in the air!
  6. As we wait anxiously for this fine aircraft, I was wondering if you could give us some hints on the specs, armament and performance? Is it modelled closely on the F-22 with avionics and weapons for instance? Is the powerplant the F-119 or the planned and downrated PW7000? And anything else you are willing to divulge If you get the opportunity I would appreciate any info you could provide. Many thanks for your hard work on this excellent should have been aircraft.
  7. Thank you for the update Fubar. Looking forward to this release once those pesky real life issues get out of the way ;)
  8. I have been out of Strike Fighters for a number of years - migrated to Lomac and FSX for a while. However this aircraft piqued my interest to the level that I just purchased WOI 2 in anticipation of this release. Any updates?
  9. Fubar - I just stumbled upon this post! This is my all-time favorite what-if aircraft, so excellent choice! I am very much looking forward to its release.

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