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  1. Recon missions success ?

    Yes. I liked to use Bletchley's missions. I hadn't mentioned them because I wasn't sure if he had mods for UE.
  2. Recon missions success ?

    jeanba, I don't know the actual altitude requirements for a successful reconnaissance mission, but I used to fly allied recon aircraft in OFF/standard WOFF (alas my old PC could not keep up with the latest versions but I still lurk here) and managed to get 'successful' results once WOFF started recording them. I hope the following is not too out of date. IIRC, keeping above 3000' kept you safe from machine gun/rifle fire whilst for actual anti-aircraft guns I used to regularly change altitude or make minor changes in direction. I believe this was an actual tactic of WW1. There was a discussion about whether this genuinely worked in WOFF (e.g. were the shell trajectories modelled or were hits determined statistically) but I felt it worked - i.e. it seemed to reduce the frequency with which I was hit! I don't think I went over 10000' often, keeping at more like 5000' to 8000'. Of course it depended on what suspicious aircraft were around, and how well the AA seemed to be doing at a particular altitude. As I say this seemed to get me successful results as long as I didn't go too far from target location for the mission. Of course there may be differences now, with UE.
  3. Olham, yes, I think in official British army histories, at least, there were a number of periods that were classed as battles of the Somme, from 1916 to 1918 (and possibly before, I am no expert).In Britain, when people mention the 'Battle of the Somme' they are usually thinking about the operations that started in July 1916 (not counting the preliminary bombardment), and often particularly the attacks on July 1st, when the the British army suffered so many casualties. I am guessing that the date may not have quite the stand out significance in France (compared to, say, the battles at Verdun) and Germany that it has for the British, although I know the overall period saw severe casualties on all sides. I don't know if there is a particular period of WW1 that has a similar significance in Germany, so that it is more generally known that most other periods or actions during the war?
  4. Two fine videos. Thanks Olham. I liked seeing the three SE5s in line.
  5. O/T A Great Day

    Pretty good for an early Christmas present!
  6. Ah ... I knew it was too much to hope for.
  7. By coincidence, my RE8 always does that when I come in for a landing ... does that make me an ace pilot? (Great video by the way).
  8. Interesting photo Hauksbee. My wife pointed out the likeness to some photographs of our youngest daughter at a similar age. My dad was born in 1930 and there was a toddler photograph that my grandparents kept on their piano of him with long curly locks and quite girlish clothes. I don't think it was common by that time but his family were very old fashioned in some ways and I guess the clothes were probably passed down from a previous generation. It was always a great source of embarrassment to him!
  9. On this day, 600 years ago

    Olham, would you consider applying to be head of the UN if the job becomes vacant?
  10. Well! Thanks for posting that Olham. I always liked IL2 for WWII, but I never went beyond '1946'. That video has me genuinely considering it now.
  11. Olham, perhaps unusually for WOFFers, I am not a petrol head in any way. Cars don't move me at all and I don't know anything about motorbikes (although vintage ones have a certain something), but that engine sound is gorgeous! Typhoon, I have a friend who's all time favourite aircraft is the Mosquito. He was a leading proponent of it in the CFS3 community at SOH forums at one time and he gets the DeHavilland museum newsletter - which he passes on to me sometimes. He probably knows about your project already, but I'm sure he'll be interested in your photographs. I'm going to send him a link to this post.
  12. Let's have a BOC rollcall...

    I still look in most days, usually. Just been on holiday and not seen a computer screen for a week, so I didn't see this until today.
  13. Hellshade I think that is a very valid point about the impression it might give of WOFF and it's community. I still check in here after looking at SHQ but I hadn't thought of it from the point of view of someone who might only know of WOFF from this forum. I'm sorry to say it because, although I was only a modest poster, it was a lot of fun here when I first started OFF - even if Uncle Al could be a bit cutting - and it's where the BOC was born. RJW that also seems a good point to me, if it's feasible.
  14. Well that's interesting Olham, I have only ever seen two of this particular sequence of photos at most. I wonder what happened to the crew of the Felixstowe.
  15. It's been awhile

    Tranquilo, not sure how useful this will be but I seem to have a copy of part of an email (presumably from the forum) regarding OFF uninstall. It mentions a couple of folders you need to delete. The location is given for the specific user so I don't know exactly how it would equate to your computer (may not even be the same operating system) but I'll quote it here in case it helps at all: "Uninstall OFF; 2) Then go to Users/ "Owner" or in your case "woodmj" and under Documents delete the CFSWW1 Over Flanders Fields folder; 3} Go to Users/woodmj/AppData/Roaming/Microsoft/ and delete the CFSW1 Over Flanders Fields folder. Reboot. 1) Re-install OFF, do not patch at this time; 2) Run CFS3config.exe to do initial config and then exit CFS3config. Don't make any changes to the CFS3config file at this time; 3) Run OFF from CFS3.exe. in OFF root folder; 4) When OFF starts, you should shortly be presented with a Successful Config box to check off; 5) If OFF starts properly, enlist and activate a pilot and then go to Quick Combat and do a short Free Flight; 6) Exit OFF and close program; 7) Install both patches and run OFF. If you don't encounter any problems, go back into CFS3config and make all the changes you want."

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