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  1. That F-101B Voodoo that u do...

    DUDE ! I ve been going every day and checking for them at AVSIM but they havent posted them ,,,,, Would you please consider e mailing them to me ? posidon@shaw.ca
  2. That F-101B Voodoo that u do...

    Yeaaah , no doubt , PRETTY ! What to do though , if you should need to shoot / escort peices , as opposed to just escort bears ? For now , howabout porting that PRETTY CF-101 over to SFP1 ? Aw well ... For right now , any idea where a genuine Canadian can get it for MS FS 2002/4? Beautifull job on skins dude ( I dont say dude or EH ? very often ) lol . Please , a link or lead to that McVoodoo ?
  3. SAAAAYYYYYY , thats a nice B-29 ! Outstanding !
  4. Acording to " Detail and Scale " modeler magazine that paintjob is either called goofey grape , or possibly grey or blue ghost . In any case , that is a beautifull rendition dude ! Where can I obtain such a worthy skin ?

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