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  1. bombing

    dive bomb, always works for me.
  2. On some missions where you have to take down aircraft entering the area, as soon as you jump in you get a mission fail.(not starting on the ground) cant seem to take the runways out, have dropped everythign on them and nothing will take it out. Dont know if I am doing it wrong or what but I can confirm my bombs do hit the runway.
  3. WHen I join a multiplayer game I am freeze up at the plane selection screen after a few seconds. System. AMD 1.33ghz IWill KK266 board SB Audigy 256 MB SDRAM Geforce 3 (pure) Microsoft FFB1
  4. Weseal has posted over at simhq the steps to get gamespy to see strike fighters, it works, tried it myself. I know TCP/IP should be included in any multiplayer game...but it's been driving me crazy with all the complaints about lack of multiplayer. First things first...you have to download Gamespy. http://www.gamespyarcade.com/download/ Download it for free unless you worry about ads. Free works fine, but has ads. Next, fire up Gamespy, create a person, then: 2. open general chat 3. type "/gscmd app_dlstaging 1" (without " marks) 4. close GameSpy Arcade completely! 5. restart GameSpy Arcade. 6. close it again completely. 7. and restart it again. If you have Strike Fighters installed, it should show up. This last step proved tricky on some of our machines. Sometimes, you'll have to go to the Gamespy menu and click the "Scan for games" function and then restart. You'll know your Gamespy Arcade is in Staging mode when you'll see a red "Staging" written vertically on each side of the "My game" frame. (lower left collumn) This might take a couple times closing and restarting Gamespy...but should open a lobby. You guys have a more recent version than my last beta...so give it a try. Hope this helps.
  5. Has anyone heard anything or tried the multiplayer on this game yet? MY hold squad is switiching over and I am curuious as to what its capibilties are and specially if its flyable on modem, I am still on modem as is a squadmate of mine, black_gfa, neither of us can get broadband till next year AT LEAST.

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