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  1. Kill Decals

  2. I have not tried anything with ground objects. I have treid upgrading Planes in a campaign though. I have been playing the 4th FIw Campaign for the Korean War Mod. I changed the starting aircraft to the F-86A-5 then upgraded to the F-86F and finally uprgrading to the F-86F-30 Hard Wing Sabre. That seemed to work fine. So maybe you can the upgrade system to change ground objects like tanks and apcs.
  3. On 2/13/2008 The US Air Force credited Lt General(Ret) Charles G. Cleveland with his 5th Kill 55 years after the air battle in which he shot down the the Mig-15. The Story was in the Air Force Link. www.AF.mil/news/story.asp?id=123086161
  4. I changed the 4th FIW campaign to start with the F-86A-5 and upgrade to the F-86E-06 then to the F-86F and lastly uprgrade to the F-86F-30 Hard Wing. So Far each Uprgrade gone without a problem and I have just upgraded to the F-86F.
  5. I downloaded the Early Sabre pak and the Late Sabre Pak. I was wanting to try and fly them in the campaign starting with the A model Sabre. I went to the 4th FIW Campaign and changed the F-86F to the F-86A-5 and added an upgrade to the F-86F. The campaign seems to work fine this way I was woundering how many upgrades I can have in the campaign because I would to fly the E model Sabre and the F-30 Sabre in the Same campaign.
  6. Yes that is what I did also and the Campaign works now thanks.
  7. Thanks for the help. I have Red Falcons and so far I can fly the Chinese Mig Campaign and the Soviet La-11 Campaign. I have no Problems with the Allied Campaigns I have the the origional terrian some where so I will try that to Fly the Russiam Mig Campaign. Thanks again.
  8. I Like this Mod very much and have used it for a long time now. I just now tried the Soviet 1/196th campaign and it gives me a campaigns.dll error and crashes to desktop all other campaigns seem to work fine though.
  9. Your first combat flight sim...

    Though it was not a true flight sim this game got my interested in Flying Games on the Computer. It was 50 Mission Crush for the Commodore 64. In this game you planned and Flew bomber missions in WW2. The first Flight sim I bought was Battle Hawks 1942.
  10. Great work,I would like to similar kill markings showing the profile view of the Mig15 or Mig17. How do make them?

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