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  1. Can't wait to see the Skyray - the prettiest jet of all IMHO.
  2. Hi Oengus, I'm pretty noob myself but that's probably good because I understand how you feel. The single most helpful resource I've found for a complete beginner is http://ca.geocities.com/saganuay820/. Try reading through that and exploring some of the links he gives.
  3. I have WoV but I don't have SFP1 yet. I installed the official update and the latest weapons pack, but I can't seem to find Mighty Mouse FFAR's to use with the F-94b and F-89. I've Googled and forum searched this, but no luck. Any ideas?
  4. Thanks for the welcome - I'm really looking forward to doing some skinning and getting involved. :)
  5. I found this site when IL2Skins went down and y'all kindly began hosting skins for that sim. After looking around here a bit, I zoomed out and found a copy of WoV and now I'm hooked! I *love* the 1950's era jets the community has made and I'm looking forward to learning how to skin them.
  6. what am I doing now?

    I can't believe how cool this is. My primary interest is naval, and I'm drooling over those ship models. Any chance of ship-to-ship combat - maybe in an expansion?
  7. Elephant's pilot skins are the best, I think, and his GB, Japanese, and Italian pilot skins are now available here. I don't have any high-quality US pilot skins; if you find any, let me know!
  8. Favorite Falkand's War Aircraft

    Oh boy - I'm looking forward to the game but I might have to avoid the forums discussing it. Is this still a little too recent for y'all to be civil to each other?
  9. Welcome To The New Jet Thunder Forum

    I was very pleased to learn about this project and I'm eagerly looking forward to its release. My primary interest is in naval aviation and this conflict presents many fascinating hypothetical situations to explore. Good luck and please keep us informed of your progress!
  10. Space ... come in Space ... this forum needs Spam and fast! :yes: Great looking site folks!

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