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  1. Lomac

    No kidding! +10 fps! That is quite signicicant. I have downloaded the new drivers but not installed them yet. Guess I had better get busy! I have the same setup you do, Mr. Mudd, but with a XP+ 2200. That will give me some idea of what a cpu upgrade could offer (and mobo, of course). My frame rates vary from 60+ down to 20 in areas with a lot of objects.
  2. The Wreckage Of Senator Clinton's Aircraft

    I am not at all angry with Navy Chief. I am disturbed with the "humor" rather than with it's author. I have spoken out as I felt obliged to do. That done, I have nothing more to say on the matter. I've made my point and feel no need to carry on further and run it into the ground. For me, the matter is closed.
  3. The Wreckage Of Senator Clinton's Aircraft

    No. Not at all funny. (CNN) -- This is a list of prominent politicians killed in plane crashes in recent years: October 16, 2000: Missouri Gov. Mel Carnahan (D). Carnahan, his son and an aide were killed when their small plane crashed in bad weather in Missouri. According to Reuters, Sen. Paul Wellstone's death was eerily similar to the circumstances surrounding the October 2000 plane crash death of another Democratic Senate hopeful, Missouri Gov. Mel Carnahan. His plane crashed in bad weather in that state killing him shortly before that year's election. He was elected after his death and his widow was appointed to take his seat. April 3, 1996: U.S. Commerce Secretary Ron Brown. A U.S. Air Force jetliner carrying Brown and American business executives crashed into a mountain in Croatia, killing all 35 people aboard. April 19, 1993: South Dakota Gov. George Mickelson ®. Mickelson died along with seven others when a state-owned airplane slammed into a silo during a rainstorm in Iowa. April 4, 1991: Pennsylvania Sen. John Heinz ®. According to AP: A fiery plane-helicopter collision 11 years ago killed U.S. Sen. H. John Heinz III and showered flames on children in a playground. Heinz, a three-term Republican and heir to the Heinz food fortune, died along with the two pilots of his chartered plane and two pilots in the helicopter who were attempting to see if the plane's front landing gear was down and locked in place. The plane's captain had radioed that an instrument light failed to confirm the gear was in place. April 5, 1991: Texas Sen. John Tower ®. Texas Sen. John Tower, his daughter and 21 other people, including NASA astronaut Manley "Sonny" Carter, Jr., were killed in a commuter plane crash near Brunswick, Georgia. August 13, 1989: Mississippi Rep. Larkin Smith ®. Pilot error in hazy conditions was ruled the probable cause of the plane crash that killed U.S. Rep. Larkin Smith and his pilot, according to a federal report. According to AP: The National Transportation Safety Board report indicated that pilot Chuck Vierling, who was not rated to fly on instruments, probably lost control after encountering conditions that required them. Vierling, 58, of Gulfport had expressed concern about the haziness before leaving, the report said. Vierling had flown Smith to Hattiesburg on August 13. On the return flight to Gulfport, the Cessna 152 crashed into woods near New Augusta in southeastern Mississippi. August 7, 1989: Texas Rep. Mickey Leland (D). Rep. Mickey Leland, a Texas Democrat who chaired the House Select Committee on Hunger, killed when plane crashes during a trip to inspect relief efforts in Ethiopia. September 1, 1983: Georgia Rep. Larry McDonald (D). McDonald was killed when Korean Air Lines Flight 007 was shot down by a Russian fighter. August 3, 1976: Missouri Rep. Jerry Litton (D). Litton was killed along with his family in a plane crash in the northwest part of the state on the evening he won the Missouri's Democratic gubernatorial nomination. He was en route to a victory celebration. February 14, 1975: California Rep. Jerry Pettis ®. Pettis died when his plane crashed into a mountain near Beaumont, California. His wife, Shirley N. Pettis Roberson, replaced in the House five days later. "People come up to you, with little pieces of memorabilia about your husband, and they mean to show their deep regret in losing him," Pettis Roberson said in a telephone interview from her home in California. "I had to steel myself against tears, because I thought if I cried now, I would cry forever." October 16, 1972: House Majority Leader Hale Boggs, D-Louisiana and Rep. Nick Begich, D-Alaska: Both were killed when their plane disappeared over Alaska. December 8, 1972: Rep. George W. Collins, Illinois (D). Collins was killed when a United Airlines jetliner plane crashed on approach to Chicago's Midway Airport. Forty-four others also were killed. Collins' widow, Cardiss, succeeded her husband in the House.
  4. The Wreckage Of Senator Clinton's Aircraft

    The wreckage of Paul Wellstone's aircraft. Not so funny.
  5. Santa Smilies

    Yeah, the group was too far to the left. :D
  6. Santa Smilies

    Thanks, Guys! I guess Mona is a little big for a smiley face. :D I have always loved that image as well. It was originally called "Yankee Doodle" but was later renamed "The Spirit of '76". It was created in 1876 to commemorate the centenial of our country. There were three additional "updated" versions created later by the same artist. Norman Rockwell even did a version. It was a real hit with the public when it first came out in 1876 and thousands of copies of it were sold at the time. The version depicted here is the first version and it hangs in The United States State Department. Despite it's popularity it was never considered "art" and so cannot be found in any art books. I have been to Lexington, Concord and Battle Road. I have been to West Point and Fort Ticonderoga. I have seen the Declaration of Independence with my own eyes but now these eyes weep. Unless we awaken from our stupor it will all have been in vain.
  7. Santa Smilies

    M m m m m m m m my m Mona...
  8. Lomac

    Whatever the problem may be I very much doubt that God or Jesus had anything to do with it.
  9. A Sober Moment

    God never leaves us. Commune with Him and you will find everything and everyone you ever thought you lost. All things have their existence in Him.
  10. Thanks, MadJeff. It's working now. (...and thank you as well, Fates)
  11. Help! Received Runtime Error. Need Fixed!

    Kewl, Dagger. If you can do a walk through, Navy Chief will be in fat city in no time. ;)
  12. Now why can't U. S. Senators ever say something like that? :D
  13. not to mention this: Sorry, an error occurred. If you are unsure on how to use a feature, or don't know why you got this error message, try looking through the help files for more information. The error returned was: The upload failed. Please contact a member of staff to help rectify the problem Are you trying new stuff again, MadJeff? :D
  14. and this: Warning: closedir(): supplied argument is not a valid Directory resource in /home2/madjeff/public_html/forum/sources/Usercp.php on line 1534

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