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  1. I can't stand a cheap ( flight software) you have given me that 2nd chance I really thought it sucked (could not figure out inner cockpit shoys) anyway ,Game is bran new and if I don't like it . maybe you no someone that does lol
  2. Ranger332 I will look at this in the Sim! as I have no true time flying . I will check this out .. Thanx
  3. from Sep 1976 to May of 1984 sorry I am a young Dec 10 1958
  4. Ranger332 me and you boy ,gotta get some quilty time NOW ! You no the EAGLES , ARE going (Raiders) To Whomp A$$ on them . Thanx GOD for that .. Lets put Ejection back in the world
  5. And that's what we have to look forward to .. Just one more :P Why would they not give you a Ejection ot of your crippled A/C They need to talk to me !!
  6. Ranger332 It shows it in the most ( I can't see it ) with my G-Force Ti 4600
  7. And what the heck is AMT (DON'T FORGET I WORKED THE Flightlines of the USAF for 20 years)
  8. It's Tuff Trying to get rid of your A/C if you can't see whats going on that all . The sim has all the right stuff, But I need to see myself leave if I want to ? !! Please how ?
  9. All Pilots around the world rely on Martin Baker , Or ACES II . It's just what they no ,and have always .
  10. Michel O'Connor 101 McCormick Street RidleY Park PA ,19078 20 bucks it's your's perfect :o
  11. That is ,a stuipid B/S software ejction sequence ( I've herd of a 600 mb ) patch ,, wich this sim needs bad ( cause it's so f-ing Bad ) don't piss me off ( I've worked on P/C's since 1976 so this sim is BAD ) now we need true EJECTION .. okay
  12. If I can't eject , this sucker goes in the trash ,, it was .. what 39.50 this thing is trash ( they will give me my money back ) Can't belive you can't leave your A/C .. Could never play this .. and never will !! Wait for LOMAC
  13. You have no Idea ,,,, what the heck your talking about dude !! You need to PUNCH out OF that A/C if it's crippled :roll:

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