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  1. It would also help the game in terms of better support from the GPU makers. They care more on applications that are used for benchmarking by the big mags Lars
  2. Hi, I have a couple of questions regarding Lo-Mac. Can you already explain some details of the 3D Engine? How configurable is it in terms of PS usage? Does the game use some kind of auto-detection of cards and/or does it use a max-fps limiter? Is it fully D3D only or is there also the choice to switch to OpenGL? Does the engine include a benchmark mode... or a framecounter to meassure avg. FSP in a replay? Since Lo-Mac seems to become the most important modern flightsim I would really like to see a way to use it as a benchmark. Not sure if you can answer those questions but I would really appreciate it! Thanks! :) Lars Weinand - Tom's Hardware Guide

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