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  1. What about holding in aircraft G limits ? For example Mirage IIIC normal level is 5, when it's 6 in reality plane would suffered unrecoverable structural damage, and MiG-21 normally can operate at 8. I'm always truing to be in those parameters - adds a challenge
  2. Thank you very much! It worked! Finally will be able to fly F-104
  3. More than a week I'm trying to download NATO Fighters 1&2 from column5.us (3 and 4 downloads normally). Looks like PC sending a request but not getting reply. Download just don't starts. Everything else (including , as i said before, 3 and 4 NATO fighters) works fine, tried different browsers (Explorer Mozilla and Opera) and download managers . Probably someone knows alternative download place (Googled for in but without success) or know some workaround ?

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