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  1. It's looking promising. Can I still choose to be flight leader so I arrive on scene with my back up? Does the TAC "radar" screen work to assist in locating the general location of the enemy (French)?
  2. I've been playing OFF for some time and recently went on line and saw there's a new game called WOFF! Checking through the FAQ's I didn't see some questions I have....Can I still "warp" to the action (lazy boy here wants to cut to the chase)? Are the old OFF key board commands the same in WOFF? I don't want to learn an entirely new game, I just want to "update".
  3. Re-install?

    V 1.32..............I guess I didn't get patches right.
  4. TrackIR - a pain in the neck?

    I love mine. I did notice after playing this game all day and then getting in my car to run some errands I got that feeling you get when you get off a boat and on to dry land again after a days sailing. G
  5. Re-install?

    Thanks Al. That's what I've been doing. I click on the map to locate airfields to land at in case of emergency which happens frequently. Got the game reloaded and it works OK but its not the same. Machine guns sound different and there's no hit percentage showing after a mission. I think maybe the mini patch didn't load. Been playing anyway.............Built up a German Ace. Lots of victories and medals, then a tragic collision with a Sopwith Pup and a failure to survive the die role. G
  6. Re-install?

    Got it. Thanks Al. Say a prayer and burn a candle. Here we go.................. G
  7. Re-install?

    Al, Thanks again for your help. Looks like delete is the way its gonna go. When say both folders you mean OFF and CFS3? G
  8. Re-install?

    Nutz! Game just froze and screen went black. Rebooted computer and opened game. It won't play. Says there is a problem with the map for the period I was in (Jasta 19 March 1917). The little window that says what the problem is reccommends reinstalling OFF. Do I have to unistall first? Or can I just put in the OFF disc and install over. I got a feeling I may loose pilots I've been working up........... That Jast 19 guy was smoking those Frenchies.
  9. Lozenge Camo question.

    Bullethead, Thanks for the info. I was worried the decal provided with a 1/72nd scale kit wasn't big enough to cover the upper wing in one "large" piece. The decal provided isn't wide enough to span from leading edge to trailing of the upper wing so I was going to purchase a decal sheet and cut one piece to fit. It sounds like I can cut and patch the decals included...if I want that king of project... got a Gotha that came with enough lozenge decal to cover the whole plane in night cammo. That may be a pain in the ass........ G
  10. Greetings all! Since I got the game up and running I haven't been here much. I had a question though that I thought people here might have the answer to. I have several WWI aircraft kits and some of the German craft require lozenge camo on the wing and other surfaces. Shopping for decals, I find both 4 color and 5 color patterns. What is the reason? Is it date, like 4 color was early variant and 5 later? I have an early series FokkerD7 kit that I may do in almost complete lozenge camo. 4 color or 5? What would go on a Hanover, and what on a Fokker D6? Thanks G. On another note, since I started playing OFF, I have "met" several famous people. Today, while flying for RNAS 10, I was on the tail of an Albatros DIII when suddenly my plane is hit from behind. I got my tail fethers shot up by Ramond Collishaw who was trying to steal my kill. A few days ago, I got shot down by Raoul Lufberry. I had a rather decent career going with that pilot in late 1916 flying an Albatros DII for Jasta 2. Now he's a POW for the duration. During a scrammble mission, that pilot also assited MVR by shooting a Dh2 of his six. I have only one pilot so far that has made it to 17 hrs. flying time.
  11. Have we figured this out?

    I've had a hard time catching or escaping too. I take enough fuel to go twice as far as the mission spec. It seems the wind makes a huge difference. I tried to get into a low level fight in a Halb DII and was flying sideways and backwards into the wind. The planes in the furball didn't blow my wat and had no trouble moving any which way. I managed to turn away, find an airbase and land.
  12. Dimming lables

    OK. thanks for the info. A little over my head, but I'll look into it. I do want to ween myself from the labels but for now they have been a good help for survival. I think my longest living pilot made it to 8 hrs. flying time before a mid air with an albatros. Without the lables he wouldn't have made it that long.
  13. Dimming lables

    Thanks Al. I have that bit down; TAC in in lower left and the digital gas gauge and ammo count in lower right. Just wanted to dim the lables. I saw a post from Olham somewhere saying he had done it................... G H
  14. Dimming lables

    Greeetings all. I remember seeing somwhere that the lables can be dimmed but after reviewing the tips cheats I have not been able to find it. Can someone please tell me how to dim the lables? I try not to use them all teh time, and when I do, they are way to bright and dominate the screen. thanks, G H
  15. Someone please refer me to the sticky on how to take screen shots is there is one. Thanks

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