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  1. Any chance to get our hands on the Mk. 82 AIRs?
  2. I abstracted this by modifying the HUD configs to make the limits a bit bigger, but other than that there isn't an option to my knowledge.
  3. The "Yellow" nickname isn't because of their bellies. It's because of the color of their bort numbers. Also because Erusean Air Force callsigns appear to be based on colors. But still awesome to see this.
  4. They seem to work okay if you drop in a 10-15 degree dive around 4 miles away from the target (for GBU-31)
  5. Looking good! I assume since this is a rework of the SF1 XL there's not a two-seater in the pipeline?
  6. Where are those Blackhawks from? They look great.
  7. Do the 8-tube ones still guide?
  8. Mmm, I can't wait to watch them crash to earth in flames. XD
  9. That won't save you from the F-14s. XD
  10. Absolutely magnificent work.
  11. I do believe the Ulyanovsk class carrier in the downloads section here comes with a couple of deck crew modeled as part of the main lod.
  12. Sorry for the double post, but any ETA on a release for these?

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