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  1. Yes, I understand what you are saying. As for the obsolete thing, I am going by my Navy training which says whenever, whatever comes out to the market it is already obsolete. New stuff is already on the drawing boards and like the Military looks 20 years or more into the future. Or so i understand. Thanks for your feedback. Regards, Wrongway, or BF2142:AllaAkBar,Yellow_Stone Whats the highest score one can get in WOx ? I have not been able to do better than 4000 or so yet ? ( for single mission )
  2. ************************************ Yes I have both folders and can only use 64 bit drivers for sound and video stuff. The limit is shown when I run Memtest86+ it shows that i have the first 3GIG of ram then a skip area then like the remaining 1GB. Harware is breaking the ram into two non uniform pieces. This break point seems related to which bios i install. If I flash with F8 or before the division is 0 to 3G then skip 1G then rest is 4G to 5G. If I flash with F9 or latest F10 the memory divides 0 to 3.25G then rest at 4G to 4.75G F8 or before and windows says all 4G in msconfig boot area will allow all 4G F9+ I will only see about 3.25G max like the other 0.75G is missing or dedicated to other usage. I think this MB has been designed for XP and not really Vista or above. I need to research this MB thing a bit further to understand the ram useage. ******************************* to get off the trak, Im watching this mel gibson stuff and its totally silly. If you understand the guy comes from Austrailia AND you know what they are like there. Then, Anyone thinking Mel is mentally ill just dont like Auzzies like nazie dont like jus. Auzzies are normally abrasive people or so it seems to milder cultures. They are not mentally ill they are just behaviorally offensive. i have seen the same in US navy people who have been stationed over there for awhile. They arrive home acting just like mel. Just imagine "Waltzing Matilda" and you know Auzzies. "Waltzing Matilda" is the idea of defiance of authority. *****************************
  3. This is all quite interesting. My motherboard does not allow 1:1 with the DDR and FSB. My only choices are as follows: x2,x2.5,x3 and AUTO which chooses one of those or so it seems to me. I have this belief that the bios lacks the resolution necessary to properly set the timing and control of the motherboard. I believe a stand alone program using double precision floating point is neccssary to properly calculate other compatable numbers with one that actually works. I set to whatever then I got choices of x6 to x9 for the CPU and x2.x2.5,x3 for the DDR2. My front side bus is listed up to 1066 which is the same as my RAM DDR8600 or is it DDR8500 ( cant remember ) Also, I know for a fact that when you use high harmonic numbers you also increase the drift in frequncies at the higher harmonic numbers. A small jitter in fundamental frequency is amplified by the harmonic number of interest, Like X10 at harmonic#10. The relationship between the various clocks are absolutely critical to the proper timing and control. You need either by experimentaion on the part of the manufacturer or some kind of high resolution program to proper set these numbers. If they are marginal then even a radio transmission outside your house might screw up the timing and corrupt data traveling through your machine. I have seen data travel on a bus and one bit will lag or lead all the others by a few nano seconds, this will cause the bit in question to be late or early at the buffer when it comes to latch time. If the temp changes or whatever, it is unpredictable whether or not that bit gets properly latched. This is a quality control issue for motherboard makers. It is imperative, in a computing device, to have the timing and control be proper before the device leaces the factory. That all parallel bits arrive at the same time to their whatever destination. Not sure a device built in china has the same quality control , as like , germany. But where would you find a german built computer ??? Germans are nuts when it comes to precision and accuracy. or so it seems to me. They would be the right people to build computers. Thanks for your inputs, they are interesting to read. Also, If i post my IP address, would anyone be interested in trying a WOx server run ? In like Co-Op mode ? Ill be your sacrificial wing man. : - / : - \ :-O :-| Dont you think they need a greater varity of voices in the game so you can tell simply by listening which plane is talking ? I hear only the voice of a cowboy saying you got a whatever on your six and none are on MY six. In WOx , I never am sure, who is talking to whom.
  4. THE PC CPU is NOT running faster than 2.4G so this report is not totally honest. The MPY is X6 and the clock is 400MHz and the DDR is X2.5 or 1000MHz Cheers
  5. HERES MY SYSTEM SUMMARY from windows OS Name Microsoft® Windows Vista™ Home Premium Version 6.0.6002 Service Pack 2 Build 6002 Other OS Description Not Available OS Manufacturer Microsoft Corporation System Name A System Manufacturer Gigabyte Technology Co., Ltd. System Model G31M-ES2L System Type x64-based PC Processor Intel® Core2 Quad CPU Q6600 @ 2.40GHz, 3600 Mhz, 2 Core(s), 2 Logical Processor(s) BIOS Version/Date Award Software International, Inc. F10, 9/29/2009 SMBIOS Version 2.4 Windows Directory C:\Windows System Directory C:\Windows\system32 Boot Device \Device\HarddiskVolume1 Locale United States Hardware Abstraction Layer Version = "6.0.6002.18005" User Name A\GVA Time Zone US Mountain Standard Time Installed Physical Memory (RAM) 4.00 GB Total Physical Memory 3.25 GB Available Physical Memory 2.63 GB Total Virtual Memory 4.15 GB Available Virtual Memory 3.50 GB Page File Space 1.00 GB Page File C:\pagefile.sys I have found since using a normal boot from MSCONFIG instead of a modified boot the numbers now seem right but still IM not using the FULL ram I have installed It seems only 3.25G is actually usable as RAM. I will need a 16GB motherboard with 8GB installed and the correct chipset so I understand. WOx now work fine since I set the ram to DDR2-500 and the CAS to 5-7-7-23 with voltage boost of 0.2V from 1.8 to 2.0. It seems the lower the difference between RAM and CPU Is the best way to go so like leave the CPU alone and set the ram as fast as it will work with no errors. But as you know overclocking anything will shorten the life of the parts overclocked. It would be so nice if they made a RAM run at the L2 cache rate it would solve all problems with games. Thanks for your responses.
  6. Dont mean to be rude but system specs are not needed here. Im using a quad core at 2Ghz and DDR2 PC8500 Synchronous ram overclocked at 500 instead of 400 MHz. Cas is 5-5-5-18 I think. Im having a problem UNDERSTANDING how these new machines use ram. WOx needs as much ram as possible or you get slight warping effects or slow frame rates. I have in my machine max ram of 4GB yet it is divided funny like 0 to 3x1024 and 4x1024 to 5x1024 when I use one bios. If I use a later bios the ram is divided differently like 0 to 3327MB and another section 4096MB to 4864MB. All the ram is here yet WIN VISTA does not want to use all of it above the division in it. It seems this is a problem well known to experts and what I see now is if you want all 4GB to be used you need an 8GB motherboard. If you want 8GB to all be used (64 bit quad coreCPU) Win Vista 64 You need a 16GB motherboard. You can have up to and including 1GB of unusable ram if you max out your motherboard. Or so it seems. This is a general thing and not only WOx problem. I need more than 2 GB on my 64 bit machine to get these modern day games to run right. At this time I would recommend a DDR3 ram of 8GB, 64 bit OS, quad core CPU 3GHz 1GB video card ( dont waste your money on two SLI thingys unless something special is going on) 16 GB motherboard with 1066/1600 FSB capabilities. AND a 64 bit OS like vista ultimate or newer. I figure with such a machine you will not have the troubles like myself in getting things to run right. My machine is a generation behind whats there today. Ir seems Architecture has been built only for WINXP yet Im using it for WIN vista 64. I hope it makes sense to you, I was looking for people to comment on this. Motherboard people are selling boards not really meant for 64 BIT gaming as gaming stuff. On a 64 bit machine the data words are all 64 bits wide thats 8 bytes so if you want 1Gword of data ram you need 8GB of RAM all used by the system. According to what I see if you want to use the full capacity of the motherboard you need to include hardware addresses as well as RAM in its full addressing capability. MACINE adsdresses like VIDEO CARD ( within the video card) + Addresses in audio card + USB + COM + Printer + Whatever + RAM + BIOS This means you need at least 1GB more of ram slot capability than you want to have free. Synchronous ram MUST HAVE TWO IDENTICAL DDR2 cards to work right and no divided ram. LIKE 2 GB on one card and 1 GB on the other is triple-uncool. You must have 2GB on one and 2GB on the other. Or cant realize the true benefits of having Synchronous DDR2 ram. Someone needs to set legal standards in this computer revolution so we can realize the full potential of our machines. Without breaking our wallets. Without a lot of misleading and non-user-friendly socially engineered advertising political propaganda. Just to sell their old Obsolete Motherboards as if they are State Of The Art. I really really do not like how these foreign industries are disposing of their obsolete inventory. Cheers :-)
  7. hello yous guys, I just had troubles playing with WOE/WOV/SF2-WOI and discovered the following. To get full use of ram on a 64 bit machine the motherboard has to be able to handle all ram plus hardware addresses like video cards and stuff. If you want 1GB of full 64 bit useage you need 8GB of RAM. if you want to use all 8GB of that ram you most probably need 16GB capability in your motherboard but install only 8GB of ram. It seems due to harware like a video card with 1GB you will need at least 1GB more capability in your motherboard than the ram you want installed ?? It seems that some RAM is wasted if you install 8GB on an 8GB board or 16GB on a 16GB board. The wasted ram is the space which is dedicated to hardware like video cards etc.. NO ram is wasted if you install 8GB on a 16GB motherboard ? Comments ?
  8. Wunderbar ! Time for " hair pie and fur burgers."
  9. Very Well, What about the other stuff i asked ?? Thanx
  10. Questions from a noobe to these games: Are there formal public servers for the following games, WOV;WOE;SF2-WOI If so where do I finf their IP addresses ? If I host a server how do get people to join ? Are these games still actively played ? How does one deliver a MK82 iron bomb or to its target since there seems no decent fire control to do so ? I always miss 100%, the sight seems to do no good ?? Can you put all these games within a single folder and get them to run under a single menu ?

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