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  1. you'd think those A-4s would have chaff/flares
  2. I'm getting my ass kicked. First time through I hit the runway and skedaddle but get nailed by an AA missile. 2nd time through I evade the missiles but the enemy a/c catches up with me and nails me with cannon. Someone give me a hint!
  3. Kind of hard to get into these SF2V campaigns when you destroy the mission objective but get a failure for not destroying it.
  4. Ran a mission and no flashing textures! tks guys!
  5. yes, all the textures were flashing i'll try the rollback on the drivers, tks for that, didn't think of it! well, I tried 353.62 but when installing it said it was not compatible with Win7... guess I'll try something else dang, just went to nvidia and 353.62 was released in July 2015 and it says it is compatible but my pc won't let it load, WTF
  6. running Win7 with a GTX750, but sometimes the textures go nuts...occasionally I can cure it with a view change, but it happens quite often
  7. No, I didn't try to add a cockpit...
  8. I'll try that, thank you. uh...can you tell me where that ini is located? tks!
  9. from SF:V strange... they still show in the folder but no longer appear in my available a/c list...
  10. I'm flying a single mission in the F-105, take out 4 AAA sites but I get a 'failure, none of the primary targets were destroyed' also, none of the Shrikes would guide to the sites what am I doing wrong?
  11. Better widesky for SF2 series

    Love the flyby!!!

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