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  1. Hey everyone,i have downloaded a campaign but the instructions is just killing me,take a look '' Campaign For SF2,SF2:E,SF2:V and SF2:Israel. . The Campaign includes IDF, USAF, USMC, USN with Carrier support. Installing the Campaign: Campaign files with menu pics and description and Music files are included. You will need the "SF2 Israel" Terrain. If You use "Wings Over Israel" Terrain, just drop the IsraelME.cat file into a SF2 Main program Terrains dir. Drop the Contents of the "Strike Fighters 2 Main Dir" into the SF2 Main Dir. Then make a copy of one of your SF2's exe and rename it to "StrikeFighters2WarForIsrael.exe" Also i have provided a StrikeFighters2WarForIsrael.ini for the main dir. This will allow the use of the Menu file ModuleWFI.cat that goes in your Main Programs "Menu" dir. Then run the exe once and go to the new mod Dir it created and if you want to first delete all the planes in the Aircraft Dir. then Drop contents of the "ThirdWire Mod Dir" into the new MOD Dir, overwrite when it asks. You have to run the exe first to get the options.ini generated in the mod dir for the mod to work. You should be ready to go. Seriously...i can't even find the EXE file and can anyone give me simpler instructions on how to install this campaign,i am using strike fighters 2 israel. Thanks alot
  2. Hi guys,i downloaded a few more add on aircraft and follow the instructions on the readme but was not able to get it onto the single mission list.i tried all the steps but was still unsucessful,just wanna check if u can have more than 1 add on aircraft or are we limited to only 1 at a time. Thanks....
  3. Hey thanks alot guys,i manage to get it on the single missions and it did not work the 1st time bcos of '' Pilot error '' so now i would need help again on how do i get the F-18 onto the campaign list as i saw how someone actually manage to do it on youtube. Thanks and looking forward to the solution!
  4. Thanks for the reply,i downloaded the zip file and unzip it into C:\Users\*username*\Saved Games\ThirdWire\StrikeFighters2 folder.But nothing comes up on the game no F-18 please advise me on what to do. Thanks alot guys!!!
  5. Hi,i am new here.....i have downloaded the add on aircraft but it does not seem to work even after i have paste it on my main mod folder,i am wondering if i need to download other stuff like the campaigns or something to make it work,anyway i have downloaded the F-18. Hope u guys can help me. Thanks!!!

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