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  1. please could someone make a mig-35 for gen 2 sims
  2. i idid realise that i have the original from the a teams website any help would be appreciated
  3. tried that still cant get it to show in the menu please help
  4. how do you convert to work in strike fighters 2 thanks
  5. how do you get it to work in strike fighters 2
  6. any news on operation desert storm for sf2 been waiting for ages now
  7. how do you install gramps russian speech thanks
  8. hopefully someone will do it or thirdwire will add it because when you fly a mig and they all speak with an american accent it doesnt feel very real
  9. is there anyway to have russian voices when you fly russian aircraft and english voices when you fly american aircraft on strike fighters 2 thanks
  10. any idea when it will be ready thanks
  11. was just wandering if someone is maknig the wonderful mig 35 thanks.

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