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  1. Thank you for your work !!! But I have noticed a problem: in NavalF4 decal folder, 1981 sub-folder, is missing the decal F4_SQTAILL095 for F-4N of VF-21 High Visibility scheme, on the left side of vertical fin I have the old VF-21 insigna for F-4B. Best Regards. Toro.
  2. Hallo to all!!!! Thanks you, eburger68 and allenjb42 for the answers. Regards. Toro.
  3. Hallo to all !!! I have noticed, using SF2 Operation Darius ( my compliments for the mod !!!!! ), that in single missions, if I use a Navy' s aircraft, the parked aircrafts on the carrier are of the same Carrier Air Wing, as described in the Campaign Data.ini. My question: it' s possible have this also in SF2 Operation Desert Storm? Now we have, in ODS, parked on the carrier a mix of naval aircraft of all Carrier Air Wings. I have a merged install of SF2E and SF2NA for both the titles, updated to July 2012. Best Regards. Toro.
  4. Hallo to all !!! Excuse me, there are news about the date of release of new F-18 series ? Regards. Toro.
  5. Hallo, I have noticed when start a naval mission into DS campaign, that a fifth ship ( static and without number, with opposite heading direction ), not present on the map around the my carrier group, is present near the carrier. Here a screenshot: Regards. Toro.
  6. Thank you, Eburger68. Now it work very well, before I not have used the hotfix n° 4. Regards. Toro.
  7. Hallo to all !!! I have noticed this strange effect on the coast line. I have installed also the old ODS for WOE, and there I not see this effect. Someone see the same thing that I see? Best Regards. Toro.
  8. Thank you for the hotfix 2 and thank you to Combat Ace community for SF2 ODS !!!!! I have SF2E merged with SF2NA. Like very to me start a single mission from a carrier but I have noticed this: when play a CAS mission or Antiship mission from a carrier the sim not define a principal target and, for this, not end the mission and tell to me that I haven' t destoyed any principal target ( really I have destroyed many tanks or Ships ). Only I have this problem???? Regards. Toro.
  9. Hallo to all !! I have a question for avionics experts : will be possible add a navigation page on the radar screen of the TW's F-14 as that have the TMF's F-14? Another thing: in SF2NA if i want play a CAS mission, for example with a F-16A, it' s possible? Regards. Toro.
  10. Hallo, I have noticed that with March 2012 Update the Cat extractors not work, for all the SF2 titles ( with SF2NA ). My idea was change the Seat on F-14, A-7 and A-6 in SF2NA...... Regards. Toro.
  11. Thank you, Raven !!! Regards. Toro.
  12. Hallo !!! I have purchased the Razbam A-6 Intruder ( SF1 - WOV Version ), and it is really a great work, with a superb cockpit ( two versions, A-6A and A-6E TRAM ) and a nice reproduction of external parts ( Landing gears, pylons etc. ). But I have two problems : I have noticed that the distance counter of HSI don' t work, and second, it' s possible fold the wings as FSX version ? If yes, how ? Is my opinion that for a Carrier based aircraft wingfold is a important feature. There are a fix for these problems ? Best Regards. Toro.
  13. Oops.... My mistake, it' s wrong position. My idea was post it in SF1 screenshot thread and not open a new discussion. It' possible move it in SF1 screenshot thread? Regards. Toro.

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