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  1. Seems like it's stuck on easy no matter what you select for difficulty.
  2. Not only SimHQ, this page is won't come up on a pretty regular basis.
  3. Something I overlooked but reminded by the "wingman team" is the "persistent profile" option. After I checked that I was able to set up the profile for it. The POV had to set up using the num keys.
  4. I much prefer using the profiler mostly because you nearly double the buttons using the shift. It's not crap and works very well in any other sims.
  5. Odd1 I have the same stick as you. Mapping the buttons are much improved with the patch, but for some reason the profiler doesn't work. I have no problem in any other sim.
  6. Thanks Dagger, also I had no trouble with the euro tile before the patch.
  7. Thanks Deuces but I checked & rechecked but no go. I even ran the patch again and renamed the cat file to deuces.
  8. rgr Dagger, logitech wingman force, minus the force of course
  9. I still can't get my profiler for my wingman stick to work in SF. Any suggestions?
  10. I guess that's the reason I get dumped when using Euro tileset . I don't have the desert .cat before the patch anymore :(
  11. I did a search but had no hits on the subject even though I see at least one. I saw no answer either so I take it no one knows, is that right?
  12. DK, I really didn't want to start a debate since neither of us has never landed a F4 in real life. I fly IL2 also and love the more changing landings, and I thought even harder before the patches. Anyhow I only posted here for the experts to read and decide if something needs changing down the road. I also realize this is minor with all the other problems in the game. Bob
  13. Landings are to easy for the hard setting, no damage unless you really slam it down.

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