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  1. I installed it as you said. For some reason the jet engine sound cuts off. I have the engine sound for a while then it stops. None of my other planes are displaying this problem. I checked all the other planes and the engine sound is constant throughout the missions. Was I supposed to install that "jet engine" file you posted at the abv link? Thx
  2. To install--Do I have to make the EA-6B directory or does it make the directory automatically? Thx
  3. I guess you read this link? http://forum.biohazcentral.com/viewtopic.php?t=2499
  4. I d/l'ed the above file--there was no install instructions. I kno it's a demo hence no instructions. Quest: How do I install it? What goes where? Thx
  5. AP or SP (nowa days): :) It will not download when you clik on the picture of the range. Scroll down the "downloads" page and you'll see the link. The link is abt 6" below the picture. It's working now. I thought you clicked on the picture to d/l it. Also, Terrain, thx!! Will visit your site. Ex- Nam MP
  6. Keeping getting an error message on the Biohaz' main page. Thx
  7. Any one kno' where I can download a plain "OD" colored F4? I'm not into sharks teeth and etc. Thx
  8. A new name for the pub

    Make a screenshot forum.
  9. I found it for $9 at SoftWare Etc. I guess there's at least one more patch.
  10. good bye to an old friend..Bob Hope Dies

    Saw him in 67 in Nam--at BearCat, base camp for the 9th Inf Div. What a guy and show. Will never forget him.
  11. For others in need of SF: http://www.rochnet.net/acatalog/a/new_2.htm

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