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  1. HOTAS Cougar

    I managed to get it to work all the software and emulation on.... I just cant figure out how to corporate a profile to a game i know u need to use foxy to do it. just lately i havnt gotten to learning foxy.. what i did to manage to get it to work and install smoothly was. 2007_HCO_VISTA_64_RC1 i went to properties i made it run as administrator and i set compatibility mode to Visa straight... installed without a hitch and everything including the software and calibration software working flawlessly...... before i did all that I uninstalled the software, uninstalled the drivers in device manager and rebooted the pc.... once i did that i reinstalled the software with those settings applied.
  2. HOTAS Cougar

    I am gonna have to buy the X65F Saitek.... i am having problems with my Cougar, it installs all software works but i cant get emulation working or any profiles to load or download to the cougar keeps giving me an error. everything else works fine til this part. i cant even play lockon cause it doesnt detect my throttle unless there is a profile installed.... SF2 works good a bit but i need to do profiles for the game i have a SF1 profile which i wanna modify for SF2.... but i cant seeming profiles arent working or loading to the cougar.... Hopefully when the warthog comes out the new software will accommodate the cougar... really pissed off as i am loving this Cougar.
  3. HOTAS Cougar

    Hey Cali Yeah I got my Cougar working i followed the instructions if u want i can send u a list of things to do i slightly did things different as it didnt make sense for me in some instructions..... I couldnt get the HOTAS program to work but somehow foxy was working.... so what i did do is flashed my cougar to the latest firmware and now everything is working 95% the only reason i say 95% is cause i cant get the mouse to work on the throttle i can get the button of the mouse but scrolling i havent managed to get working.... i will play some more on sorting out this matter... I am hoping once the Warthog comes out alot of Cougar owners will try and manipulate the Warthog software and drivers to accommodate the Cougar for todays systems....
  4. HOTAS Cougar

    awesome thanks Jedi... I spent most the day reading the manual on this online and getting the right drivers and stuff to work on windows 7 so thats getting somewhere.... next reading the manual on SF2 and how to use it with full extent of the cougar... this is gonna take a while. lol i have been out of action for a long time gonna have to relearn everything from scratch again i am now officially a novice...
  5. HOTAS Cougar

    Ok got the Cougar and CH pedals Now feeling this out i am loving the cougar stick it feels incredibly solid and tough to move which is great.... the throttle is a lil worrying it feels very loose when i slide it backwards and forwards and it makes a clicking feel and sound as i move it is this normal? i assume they are indents to prevent the stick sliding to forwards or backwards to lock it in place? I am struggling to find windows 7 64bit drivers for this thing i am only seeing vista. could some1 recommend me any links to a reliable link? sorry not lazy i looked but i aint to sure what i am looking for and would love abit of help with some1 who has experience with the Cougar.... Also my CH pedals i click calibrate and nothing happens it wont let me calibrate the slide and toe breaks...
  6. HOTAS Cougar

    well i am very happy to say that i will be getting my Cougar regardless and my CH pedals are on their way which i will see on monday along with my Cougar. Next month after payday i will go and get myself a TrackIR 5.... then i am set for a good solid while...
  7. HOTAS Cougar

    Wow very nice i can get all that except the MFP
  8. Unbelievable

    This looks fantastic look at the videos on the website and what not JT engine's Atmospheric and Weather effects is astounding... an the fact it has the harrier...... sold cant wait for ur title to be released will be the firs South African to purchase it i hope i am able to purchase it over the net and download it. likely chances it wont be shipped out here like most sims.... keep up the good work best looking game i have seen yet!
  9. HOTAS Cougar

    Whats ur CH system consist of? what are u using Dave?
  10. great thanks! SF:V and SF:E for online and mods.....
  11. awesome thanks!!! yeah i am getting SF2 for the mods and challenging AI i know it doesnt support multiplayer so thats why i wanna get SF1 as well... so SFV thanks! will browse the forums for the hamachi details i saw it here somewhere.
  12. I wanna purchase SF2:E and SF2:I for the possibility of getting the most out of the mods made available. Now which SF1 titles is the base title should i get thats getting the most out of the mods and online play?
  13. HOTAS Cougar

    wow!!!! ok u and dave have mentioned that ur cougar has lasted u both for a considerable amount of time so i will get the cougar. thanks guys great community here very hospitable and generous.

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